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  1. Manual at a toll-station terminal

    Use using the manual log-on via terminal to purchase a ticket for the toll route.

    Who can use it?

    Logging on at a toll-station terminal is ideal for truck drivers and transport companies who seldom use German trunk roads. Anyone can log on at a terminal. There is no requirement to be registered with Toll Collect, but it is an advantage.

    As a registered user, you can use your vehicle card to log on at the terminal and benefit from these advantages:

    • Cash flow: You do not pay until you receive your monthly toll statement
    • Security: Your drivers need no cash to pay the toll
    • Time-saving: You can log on faster, because the payment method and key vehicle data, including the truck registration and emissions class, are stored on the vehicle card


    You can log on manually at around 3,500 toll-station terminals. These facilities, clearly signed “Toll Collect” are available in the vicinity of toll-route entry points, at motorway/trunk road services and lay-bys and at fuel stations in Germany and in bordering countries. An atlas, showing all locations of the toll-station terminals, is available from our Customer Service.

    Find toll stations online


    Logging on at a toll-station terminal is similar to buying a train ticket, and can be done in German, English, French and Polish. The process takes only a few minutes.

    Before starting your journey, enter the truck data, journey start time and your destination. The terminal will then calculate the shortest route in the toll-road network. You can confirm this route or amend it by entering up to four waypoints.

    When you have completed the route selection, you pay cash or by fuel, EC or credit card. If you are registered with Toll Collect, you can also log on with your vehicle card. You receive a log-on receipt, which you must carry with you in the vehicle during the journey.

    You can log on up to three days in advance, selecting your journey start time and therefore the start of validity of the log-on receipt. The system automatically calculates the time by which the journey must be completed. The time window includes a buffer to allow for short rest stops, traffic jams and other interruptions.

    Tutorial software: Logging on at a toll-station terminal

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