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  1. New rates

    New toll rates coming into effect as of 1 January 2015

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    New customer portal provides a range of benefits

    Our new portal for registered customers will be starting in January 2015. Make the most of the benefits offered by it and order the activation codes for your personal account now. ...more

    Mobile search available

    With our new location search, you can now also find toll stations and service partners from on the road. Simply enter the address on your smartphone or tablet  ...more

    Payment by EC debit card no longer possible

    Due to low demand, it will no longer be possible to pay by EC debit card at toll station terminals as of 1 January 2015.  ...more

    The road toll for trucks weighing 12 tonnes or more on roads in Austria can now be paid using the Toll Collect OBU. ...more

    Online truck registration

    Register your vehicle with Toll Collect in only a few mouse clicks. It’s simple with the new online registration. Only requirement: Your company has to be registered in the Toll Collect data base. ...more

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    2. Service Hotlines

      Calls from within Germany:
      0800 222 2628*
      Calls from outside Germany:
      008000 222 2628*
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      Forms, brochures, instruction manuals and much more

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      Questions? Check our comprehensive list of questions and answers

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