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  1. Press releases

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    18.12.2014 - Toll operator agreement with Toll Collect extended to 2018

    Toll Collect will collect truck tolls on German motorways and selected four-lane federal trunk roads until the end of August 2018.

    04.11.2014 - Conscientious data protection in the truck toll system

    Since the truck toll system was launched in January 2005, the journey and control data of the truck toll system has been successfully protected from third-party access.

    18.09.2014 - New service: Online search function for toll station terminals and service partners

    Toll Collect has adapted its search function for toll station terminals and service partners so it can be used on mobile devices.

    11.09.2014 - TOLL2GO interoperable toll service marks three successful years

    The transnational, cross-system TOLL2GO service has been on the market for three years. This service is currently being used by 6,450 companies and 80,600 vehicles from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Hungary and Slovakia.

    03.02.2014 - Toll Collect launches TOLL-EasyChange service

    TOLL-EasyChange is the new Toll Collect service that now makes it possible to change vehicle data via wireless mobile communications. Data is transmitted directly to the On-Board Units.

    31.01.2014 - Truck toll generates €35 billion since system launch

    Since the truck toll started on 1 January 2005, Toll Collect has transferred approximately €35 billion in tolling income to the federal government.


    13.06.2013 - Vehicle registration is now available online!

    Companies registered with Toll Collect can now register their vehicles online.

    18.03.2013 - Powerful platform for toll operation: New Bosch On-Board Unit with higher storage capacity for the truck toll

    New Bosch On-Board Units introduced in January 2013. Nearly 26,000 new units have already been installed. The new OBU offers much more storage capacity and will gradually replace older OBU models in the coming year.

    03.01.2013 - Truck Toll in Germany operating reliably

    Toll Collect has paid around EUR 30 billion to the German treasury over the last eight years. Over the same period, Toll Collect reduced costs and expanded the system.

    03.09.2012 - TOLL2GO celebrates its first anniversary, toll service used by 50,000 vehicles

    The new TOLL2GO cross-system, transnational toll service for Austria and Germany is currently used by 50,000 vehicles operated by 4,000 transport and logistics companies.

    10.08.2012 - Current state of the truck toll system in Germany

    Some 147,000 German and international logistics companies and nearly 942,000 trucks are registered with Toll Collect. Two-thirds of these vehicles are equipped with an OBU.

    01.08.2012 - Truck tolls on selected four-lane federal roads starts according to plan

    A truck toll came into effect on some federal roads in Germany today at midnight. Minister of Transport Dr. Peter Ramsauer launched the new system.

    31.07.2012 - Truck toll on some four-lane federal roads starts in August 2012

    Toll collection on federal roads starts on 1 August. No need for logistics companies with On-Board Units installed in their vehicles to take any further action

    30.04.2012 - Toll Collect presents certificates to the top Service Partners

    Toll Collect will be presenting certificates for 2012 to the top Service Partners in the coming weeks. The coveted award will be presented to 31 of the service centres for the third consecutive year.

    15.02.2012 - Toll Collect to handle truck toll charging on four-lane federal roads

    The start date is slated for 1 August 2012

    10.01.2012 - New TOLL2GO service successful

    The new TOLL2GO transnational, cross-system toll service for Austria and Germany is already being used by 30,000 vehicles.

    18.11.2011 - 700,000 On-Board Units for automatic toll collection installed

    The German truck toll system now has 700,000 On-Board Units (OBUs) for automatic toll collection in operation.

    19.09.2011 - Toll Collect closes successful 2010/2011 business year

    Toll Collect successfully completed the 2010/2011 business year. From the beginning of toll collection in 2005 to the end of the fiscal year on 31 August 2011, Toll Collect has contributed more than €24 billion to the German federal budget.

    23.08.2011 - New cross-system TOLL2GO service starts on 1 September 2011

    Toll collection in Austria and Germany possible with Toll Collect On-Board Unit

    25.02.2011 - Data Protection Dialogue

    Toll Collect opens data protection exhibition

    25.02.2011 - Truck toll in Germany marks six years

    Annual operating costs for toll collection system: 11.5%

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