Automatic log-on with the On-Board Unit

Paying the truck toll is easy! Enter the key information and the On-Board Unit handles everything else automatically.

Who can use it?

The core of the toll system is automatic log-on, using an On-Board Unit (OBU). This is the ideal way if you wish to pay the toll with as little fuss as possible. To use this method, your company and your toll-liable vehicles must be registered with Toll Collect. Once a truck has been equipped with an On-Board Unit, the driver no longer needs to log-on manually, but does still have the option of logging on via Internet or at a toll station terminal.

Registration with Toll Collect

Installation of an OBU

Once you have registered your vehicles, you will receive confirmation for every truck. If the data is all correct, you can arrange an appointment with an authorised service partner to get an OBU fitted. Service partners selected and trained by Toll Collect can be found throughout Germany and in bordering countries.

Depending on the type, the On-Board Unit is installed either in a DIN slot (DIN-slot OBU) or on the dashboard (dashboard-mounted OBU). When the OBU is installed, the fixed, unalterable data specific to the truck, including the emissions class and vehicle registration, is entered, creating a unique assignment between the vehicle registration and the OBU.

Once the OBU has been successfully installed, the vehicle, with the OBU, is handed over to the customer. The Toll Collect service partner will give you a quick-start guide and an operating manual. You are required to sign the service partner’s installation certificate, to acknowledge acceptance of the vehicle with the OBU installed.

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Using the OBU

The OBU largely relieves the driver of the need to log on to use the toll. All that is needed is for the driver to confirm a small amount of data before the start of the journey. The rest is automatically handled by the OBU. With the aid of GPS satellite signals and other positioning sensors, the OBU identifies the route segments travelled, calculates the toll charges due and transmits this information by mobile communications to Toll Collect for invoicing.

Operating manuals

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The OBU is made available free of charge and remains the property of Toll Collect GmbH. You bear the cost of:

  • Installation of the On-Board Unit
  • Removal of the On-Board Unit when the vehicle is taken out of use or sold and on ending of the commercial relationship with Toll Collect
  • A change of vehicle registration and for changing the toll-relevant vehicle data in a service centre
  • Travel time to the service centre and vehicle idle time in the course of this work

Service Hotline

  • Calls from within Germany:
  • 0800 222 2628*
  • Calls from outside Germany:
  • 008000 222 2628*

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