Toll on all federal trunk roads successfully started

A truck driving under an orange sign on a federal trunk road.

As of today, all federal trunk roads in Germany are subject to toll for motor vehicles and vehicle combinations with a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 tonnes or more. The toll road network in Germany now includes around 52,000 kilometres of motorways and federal trunk roads.

The technical adaptation of the truck toll system included automatic and manual toll collection as well as enforcement. The further developments were introduced gradually and implemented according to schedule. With today's start of the toll requirement on all federal trunk roads, this large-scale project comes to a successful conclusion.

More companies affected by the toll requirement

Estimates suggest that the vehicles of around 30,000 companies from a wide variety of sectors will be affected by the toll requirement. Companies should check whether they have vehicles or vehicle combinations with a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 tonnes or more in their fleet and then decide how they wish to pay the toll in future.

Changes to the automatic log-on process

From October 2017 until the end of March 2018, the approximately 1.1 million On-Board Units installed in trucks were gradually converted from a decentralised system to a centralised system for toll collection. The On-Board Units send time-delayed and encrypted journey data, and vehicle features relevant to the toll, to the Toll Collect computer centre. The toll for the route sections subject to toll that the truck travelled on is calculated there.

As part of the further development, the technical framework for differentiating the toll according to weight classes for future toll collection and enforcement was created.

Manual log-on

The further developed manual log-on process offers various options for paying the toll charges in future. The new manual log-on is centred primarily on the Toll Collect app and its use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, it is possible to log on via stationary PCs or 1,100 new toll terminals. The new toll terminals supplement the online log-on.

Enforcement pillars

In future, enforcement pillars will check whether the toll requirement has been complied with on federal trunk roads. The enforcement pillars supplement mobile enforcement by the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG). Enforcement gantries will not be erected on federal trunk roads. The enforcement pillars will feature similar technological capabilities as the enforcement gantries installed on motorways. The approximately 600 enforcement pillars, which are four metres high and blue/green, check whether passing vehicles are subject to toll and whether toll charges were properly paid.

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