Data protection

Data protection is a high priority at Toll Collect

Satellite-based toll collection is an effective technical innovation for the transport sector. From the start, there were high requirements for data protection and data security. The German Federal Trunk Road Toll Act defines strict conditions for data protection. Toll Collect GmbH meets these conditions with its comprehensive data protection and security concept.

The main focus is on ensuring is only used for a specific purpose. Information gathered by Toll Collect is not used for any purpose other than billing. Disclosure to third parties is strictly prohibited. Even investigative authorities have no chance of obtaining data from Toll Collect, no matter what the purpose of their investigation.

Principle of data economy

Investigators would be disappointed by how little data Toll Collect saves. In order to meet legal requirements, engineers and software developers worked closely with data protection specialists in planning and designing the technical systems. This resulted in solutions that integrated data protection into the technology from the outset. Only information that is absolutely necessary for trouble-free toll collection and enforcement is gathered. We call this data economy and data reduction.

The company’s data protection officer is actively involved in all relevant processes. An exhibition (in German) focusing on data protection is on display in our Berlin headquarters located at Potsdamer Platz. The opening took place in 2011 (see photo above). You are welcome to visit. Please register in advance.


Data Protection Officer

If you have any further questions about data protection, please write to our data protection officer.

Dr. Rainer Liedtke
Toll Collect GmbH
10875 Berlin

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