Toll Collect is taking part in the ITS World Congress

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Toll Collect is taking part in the ITS World Congress, which is happening this Monday in Hamburg. The technology provider will be presenting itself as a state-owned company for the first time. The new TollNow app will be introduced, which represents the next steps in the development of manual log-on. The app simplifies log-on via a smartphone and creates more flexibility for drivers. Toll Collect will also be demonstrating the added value that toll data can provide for improved traffic management, and how the central toll collection service will work in the future. Sustainability is an overarching issue for Toll Collect too. This extends from specialised topics to using reusable elements in booth construction and ending the practice of printing out information materials.


Toll Collect will be introducing the next stage in the development of manual log-on via a smartphone or tablet. The TollNow app makes manual log-on more flexible and convenient. It is no longer necessary to pre-book a route through manual log-on, or to drive the route that was logged. The TollNow app facilitates real-time routing on a smartphone. As previously, the driver’s own smartphone is used, and the vehicle is declared in the same way as before too. The journey starts at the touch of a button. In the app, the routes can be chosen just as freely as in the automatic method via the On-Board Unit. When the driver has arrived at their destination, the journey can be ended manually, once again at the touch of a button. The toll amount for the route subject to toll is displayed immediately. A smartphone is the only hardware required. The app is scheduled to be available from 2023.

The toll platform of the future

Toll Collect is developing the toll platform of the future. The toll system will be accessible via a number of different interfaces. This will create a toll platform that is future-oriented, both with regard to toll collection and the generation of toll-related data in data rooms and customer billing systems in a way that is compliant with data protection.

The first important interface to this toll platform, the central toll collection service, will be launched at the beginning of 2022. Toll Collect has been commissioned by the German Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG) to develop the central toll collection service. A solution has been developed in close cooperation with BAG that makes centralised toll detection and tariffing available to EETS (European Electronic Toll System) providers that are registered in Germany. This ensures the uniform tolling of all customers for all tolls collected within the German network. As a state-owned company, Toll Collect is a neutral partner of the EETS providers and guarantees uniformly high quality standards

All EETS providers in Germany will be able to use the service from the beginning of 2022, initially on a voluntary basis, but as a legal requirement from 2026

Added value through anonymised toll data

Anonymised toll data allows for detailed knowledge about truck traffic for vehicles and vehicle combinations of a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 tonnes or more on German federal trunk roads. The most recent regulation contained in the German Federal Trunk Road Toll Act (BFStrMG) creates the legal basis for anonymised data to be collected for statistical purposes and for it to be used for improved traffic management. Toll Collect will show what statistical information can be derived from the toll data with the help of an animation. For example, it can be seen that approximately 80 percent of traffic subject to toll travels on approximately 20 percent of the road network. Driving behaviour on the road network subject to toll can also be seen – from crossings of the German border to journeys on individual route sections or regional features.


Sustainability is one of the three pillars of the new Toll Collect mission statement, which was adopted in 2020. The company is on the path towards a comprehensive understanding of sustainability as well as integrated sustainability management. Toll Collect has defined principles for sustainable corporate management and manages all activities through a certified management system for quality, information security, environmental protection, compliance and risk management. The company’s first sustainability report was published this year and provides an initial overview.

The congress booth has been planned from an ecological perspective to the greatest extent possible. From using environmentally friendly inks for printing the wall coverings and reusable exhibits to refraining from the use of printed information materials. Visitors can obtain information via QR codes integrated into the booth that lead to a microsite.


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