Toll Collect commissions Computop with payment processing for German truck tolls


The international payment service provider Computop will take over the payment processing of Toll Collect customers' truck tolls in future. The company, headquartered in Bamberg, Germany, has won the Europe-wide tender for "Technical Services in Electronic Payment" of the operating company Toll Collect GmbH.

Toll Collect has transferred more than 85 billion euros to the German Treasury since the start of the truck toll in 2005. Around 85 per cent of revenue is currently collected via card payments. This area of business will be fully migrated to Computop by 2024. Customers can log on via the automatic method using the On-Board Unit, the customer portal or the Toll Collect app. The payment process is exclusively digital.

26 fleet cards make up the bulk

Computop has already been involved in the payment processing of the truck toll since 2016 and is linking a further 16 European fleet cards to the 10 existing ones for the implementation of the new contract. This portfolio covers around 95 per cent of the total fleet card market. Payment will also be possible using most credit cards. Toll Collect anticipates a total volume of around 240 million transactions per year.

The new contract with Computop will initially run for four years and includes an option to extend. In addition, Computop is Toll Collect's prospective partner for the future integration of further e-commerce payment methods.

Ingo Knütter, Payment Project Manager at Toll Collect: "By commissioning Computop to process payments, we are creating modern processes for our customers – around 225,000 transport and logistics companies from more than 40 countries, with around 1.2 million trucks. Based on the good experience we have had working with Computop for over five years, we look forward to developing frictionless payments together."

Stephan Kück, CEO of Computop, adds: "Through the intensified cooperation with Toll Collect, we will significantly expand our offering in the area of tolls, fleet cards and mobility. The transaction volume represents an encouraging growth for our payment platform Computop Paygate. With the announced extension of the truck toll to vehicles weighing 3.5 tonnes or more, we expect the volume to increase further."

The following fleet cards are planned to be integrated into the Computop Paygate payment platform by the end of 2024:

  • American Express Eurowag Ressa
  • Aral / BP FDE RMC ServiceCard
  • AS24 / Total Energies Global Star Statoil
  • DKV Hoyer Card Europe SVG
  • E100 LogPay TND
  • ENI / Agip Mercedes Service Card Trasposervizi
  • Esso Multiservice UTA
  • Euroshell OMV Vialtis
  • Eurotoll SAS Plose

About Computop – The Payment People

Computop Paygate enables seamlessly integrated payment processes in e-commerce, at the POS and on mobile devices. Across all countries of the world, merchants and service providers can freely choose from 350 local and international payment methods. Technologies such as biometric authentication and self-learning algorithms improve security and convenience for merchants and end users alike.

A global player with headquarters in Germany and locations in China, England and the USA, Computop has been serving numerous international companies from the services, retail, mobility, gaming and travel sectors for over 25 years. These include globally active brands such as C&A, Fossil, the entire Otto Group, Sixt, Swarovski and Wargaming. In addition, Computop makes its payment system available to banks and financial service providers as a white label solution. In total, the certified climate-neutral company processes transactions worth 36 billion US dollars in 127 currencies every year. With its customised and secure solutions, Computop is playing a decisive role in shaping the future of international payment transactions.

About Toll Collect

Toll Collect is an efficient technology service provider for toll collection and enforcement. Since 1 January 2005, it has been operating one of the largest toll systems in the world. Toll Collect has been a federal enterprise since 2018, with the Federal Republic of Germany as its sole shareholder. Its main task is to collect the truck toll in Germany according to the legal requirements and to transfer it to the German Treasury.

In addition, the company is developing into a service platform of the federal government for infrastructure and digital services. It provides technical and advisory services in connection with the enforcement services of the Federal Logistics and Mobility Office, the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) as well as data evaluations for statistical purposes and traffic management. Toll Collect also supports the expansion of mobile communications in Germany through its subsidiary Mobilfunkinfrastrukturgesellschaft [Mobile Communications Infrastructure Company].

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