The millionth On-Board Unit for truck toll has been installed

Berlin, 20-Jul-2016

The millionth On-Board Unit (OBU) was installed today. The vehicle in which the millionth OBU will automatically collect truck toll in future comes from MAN Financial Services – Rental.

The OBU was installed in Wildau, Germany, at the MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH service company, which has been a Toll Collect service partner since 2003. The service company in Wildau has a wealth of experience in installing OBUs and installed several thousand units in the last years. Until 2015 they dealt with vehicles starting from 12 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW); then also medium-weight trucks starting from 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW) from October 2015. The MAN service company belongs to the around 1,200 Toll Collect service partners in Germany and abroad who guarantee the high-quality installation of the On-Board Units.

The installation quality is enormously important for the overall quality of the toll collection. This depends on the cables, antenna and the unit itself being exactly placed and connected to ensure the function. Automatic toll collection via the OBU is the most convenient way to log on. The OBU records the sections travelled of the toll-subject road network with the help of satellite positioning and then combines them with the saved emission class, number of axles and toll rate. The OBU receives new route and rate data via mobile radio – completely automatically, without the vehicle having to go to a garage.


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