Extension of the truck toll to all federal trunk roads as of 1 July 2018


With the expansion of the truck toll to all federal trunk roads from 1 July 2018, around 30,000 companies will have to pay toll for around 140,000 additional German and foreign vehicles and vehicle combinations with a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 tonnes or more. This not only applies to the transport and logistics industry, but to many other industries that travel regionally as well. In addition, the route sections that are subject to toll will, in the future, include around 52,000 kilometres of motorway and federal trunk road. Companies and businesses should therefore find out early on whether their vehicles or vehicles with trailers are subject to the toll requirement from the middle of the year.

Paying toll via the On-Board Unit

The following applies: The easiest and most convenient way to pay toll for those who travel regularly with their vehicle is via the On-Board Unit (OBU). The OBU is securely installed in the truck. Every time the vehicle starts, the OBU automatically switches on and transmits time-delayed journey information at regular intervals and vehicle characteristics required for toll collection to the computing centre. This is where the toll is calculated centrally. The company receives a monthly toll statement.

To have an OBU installed, the company must first register with Toll Collect. This can be done in no time via the Toll Collect customer portal. Once registered, the company can register and deregister its vehicles, change the address and details for the contact person or request a new payment method on its own. All companies registered with Toll Collect can download toll statements from the customer portal and view journeys that have not yet been invoiced. New customers receive their initial access data for the customer portal directly with their online registration.

Once the company and vehicle are registered, the service partner can install the OBU. Service partners are certified workshops that can be found via the Toll Collect homepage. Toll Collects provides the company with the On-Board Unit free of charge. The company must bear the costs for the installation itself.

Alternative: log on via the app

Companies that only rarely travel with vehicles or vehicle combinations subject to toll can pay toll via the manual log-on procedure. In addition to logging on via a terminal or stationary PC, the Toll Collect app is especially useful in this case. It makes logging on with mobile devices fast and easy. The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems and can be downloaded from their app stores free of charge. The log-on is possible in German, English, French and Polish.


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