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Toll service with Austria successful and reliable

Munich, 04.06.2019

The German toll operator Toll Collect presents the TOLL2GO toll service at the transport logistic trade fair in Munich. The service, introduced by both ASFINAG in Austria and Toll Collect in Germany in 2011, is a groundbreaking example of how electronic toll collection can be successfully introduced regionally across countries and, above all, across systems.

The toll service TOLL2GO is used by around 16,000 German and foreign transport companies from over 40 countries with more than 152,000 vehicles. In particular, companies from Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Spain, Romania, Lithuania, Hungary and Austria use the toll service, many of them for longer than five years.

The On-Board Unit (OBU) from Toll Collect is the requirement to be able to use the toll service. The On-Board Unit has proven that it can be used flexibly and with interoperability. Using the Toll Collect OBU, approximately 152,000 vehicles generated around 190 million euros in toll revenue in Austria in 2018, which is roughly 12 per cent of truck toll revenue there.

In Austria, the toll was collected using the DSRC module for short-distance communication that belongs to the On-Board Unit. The DSRC module is microwave-based and triggers a toll transaction when it passes a toll station on the Austrian motorways and trunk roads – just like a GO-Box. The toll transaction is then transferred from the toll station to the ASFINAG computing centre for billing. By using the Toll Collect On-Board Unit, transport companies can avoid the GO-Box and thus have one less toll collection device in their truck. The Toll Collect On-Board Unit, which is securely installed in the truck, stands out with its high availability and stability. In Germany, the OBU continues to collect the toll with satellite support.

Although there is now only one common on-board unit, transport companies will still have a separate contract with each of the two toll operators. The calculation of the toll due to be paid will continue to be done separately by each toll operator.

Registration for TOLL2GO can be done directly with ASFINAG at using the quick and easy fully automated SelfCare Portal. Customers without access to the SelfCare portal can receive it quickly and free of charge. Exchanging registration information for vehicles takes place automatically using a data interface between ASFINAG and Toll Collect. If all the data is entered correctly, the OBU will generally be registered for the TOLL2GO joint toll service within 15 minutes.


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