New Software for on-board units

A truck driver uses an OBU in a truck.

From today, new software will be distributed to more than 1.2 million on-board units (OBUs). The OBUs for toll collection will receive the update automatically via mobile networks. Trucks subject to toll with a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 tonnes or more do not need to go into the workshop to receive the update. There is also no need for companies and drivers to take any action.

The information on the OBUs will be made clearer and more informative by the OBU software update. In a new feature, the driver can trigger closing of their cash accounts and thus end charging for the current journey. This means that toll amounts will be available quickly – usually within 30 minutes at the latest – for recharging in the customer portal under “Uncharged journeys”.

The transmission of the toll data is indicated with a small antenna symbol. When the symbol disappears, transmission is complete.

Error notifications will also now be displayed more clearly: A short sequence of tones repeated at five minute intervals will notify the driver if there is an error in the toll collection process. The LED will also flash red.

The driver has an obligation to cooperate here!

They must look for the next parking or service station and restart the ignition. If the error message persists after restarting the ignition, it must be acknowledged on the OBU with “OK”. The toll must then be logged directly from the truck via the app or online by the dispatcher, and a service partner should be located.

In order for the service partner to be able to identify and remedy the error very quickly, the ‘Info’ heading, which includes detailed information, has been added to the menu. Quicker diagnostics and troubleshooting saves companies time and money.

When a vehicle is travelling with a permissible gross vehicle weight of less than 7.5 tonnes and is therefore not subject to toll, a new notification appears. The display will show the message “DE TOLL-FREE”. Unlike in the previous system, the LED will still be lit up GREEN, as the OBU will be technically operational.

Questions and answers:

Where can I find more information?

Detailed information can be found in the user manual for the on-board unit. There is also an online manual for each type of OBU.

Both sources of information can be found on the Toll Collect website.

Why has the LED display for signalling that vehicles are not subject to toll suddenly changed?

The green LED always signals that the OBU is technically operational, regardless of whether the truck is above or below the permissible gross vehicle weight subject to toll of 7.5 tonnes. The red LED signals that there is a fault. The display has been adjusted to comply with the European standard.

Will the OBU ever display the toll amounts again?

Investigations are being carried out into alternative end device platforms of the future. To this end, we will take into account that simple, transparent enforcing of toll charges that are due is important to transport and logistics companies. Our investigations will reveal whether this is possible and how it would look in detail.


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