Under control

Toll Collect presents an exhibition on digital life between privacy, data protection and surveillance

Visitors in front of an exhibit in the data protection exhibition in the Toll Collect building in Berlin

The concept

In this exhibition, Toll Collect shows that modern technologies and data protection do not have to be at odds with each other.

Concrete examples from everyday life in the community illustrate how our approach to data and information has developed throughout history and the ethical challenges which have arisen and are still present today. This exhibition exposes the tensions between modern life, the conveniences allowed by technological innovations, and the need for security and privacy in a free autonomous society.

The focus is not so much on current discussions about individual technologies and services. The focus is on fundamental questions and a general value system. The Toll Collect Data Protection Exhibition is intended to provide food for thought and on-going stimulation for discussion – not only for Toll Collect employees but also for visitors from politics and business, the media and members of the public, including school groups.

Guided tours

The public will be offered regular guided tours through the exhibition. If you are interested in viewing the exhibition you can find the next dates and times here.

We are happy to provide individual tour times for groups of more than 15 people.

Your contact person


The exhibition is being held in Toll Collect headquarters at Potsdamer Platz, which can be easily reached with public transport.

Toll Collect GmbH
Linkstraße 4
10785 Berlin

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