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Diversity and inclusion

Hand huddle with different skin tones.

Toll Collect is committed to diversity and equality of opportunity


Diversity means the variety present in our workforce, or the commonalities and differences between all Toll Collect employees. We are convinced that diversity and a variety of perspectives help us all.


Inclusion is the positive way to handle a diverse workforce.

This requires a working environment that is free from prejudice and is respectful and inclusive, in which equality of opportunity really exists for everyone and the diversity of the workforce is a factor in our success. All employees can be themselves, participate, belong and further develop, regardless of their age, any disabilities, ethnic origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, religion and world view, sexual identity and social background.

Diversity & inclusion management at Toll Collect

Our goal is to ensure that all employees can be themselves at the workplace "

Dr. Gerhard Schulz - Chairman of the Executive Board

Diversity Report 2020 - Figures








Leadership positions occupied

Supervisory Board
Executive board
Department head
Field office/group head
  • female
  • male

Age structure by decade (as a percentage)

Status: May 31, 2020

The company is a mirror of myself, the more diverse the company is, the better chance I have of seeing the different facets of myself in it. Without diversity we stand still. "

From the internal diversity survey in 2020

For me, diversity means the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and to learn new things from them. "

From the internal diversity survey in 2020

Diversity Report 2020 - activities

In spring 2020, Toll Collect adopted a new company mission statement. Along with reliability and sustainability, diversity is one of the three central values that anchor it. Next to strategic and comprehensive diversity and inclusion management, the diversity of the Toll Collect workforce is to be further promoted. This includes reinforcing a working environment that is free from prejudice, is respectful and inclusive, in which employees can be themselves and can best reach their potential. Toll Collect is already working on many topics relating to diversity and inclusion and has begun their strategic implementation. We report on the current measures and the progress of development on an annual basis.


Toll Collect has set itself the following goals:

  • The company stands for diversity, and therefore for an inclusive and respectful working environment that is free from prejudice.
  • There is equality of opportunity in our company. Workforce diversity is a success factor.
  • Diversity and inclusion are found in the processes, structures and products of all business segments and business areas.


Toll Collect promotes inclusion and diversity in its workforce through the following measures:

Providing information and awareness

  • Employees are kept informed regarding diversity and inclusion via the Intranet, events and trainings.
  • As part of the German Day of Diversity 2020, a short survey of employees was carried out for the first time in order to determine the status quo regarding understanding of diversity and inclusion and also to provide information on the topic.
  • In a pilot project for collaborative learning, participants undertake a learning pathway on the topic of diversity and inclusion over several weeks, during which they can deepen their knowledge and integrate it into everyday life.
  • In a second pilot project, employees meet in small groups regularly to discuss non-fiction books on the topic of diversity.

All levels integrated

  • A Diversity Council has been formed across hierarchical and departmental levels. Its members are ambassadors for diversity and inclusion. They also take suggestions from the departments and bring them to diversity and inclusion management.
  • In May 2020, management and the chair of the works council signed the Diversity Charter.
  • Four young colleagues took part in the Diversity Challenge proposed by the Diversity Charter at the end of 2020.

Providing requirements, optimising processes

  • Human resources processes were gradually reviewed and adjusted for diversity and inclusion sensitivity.
  • The balancing of work and private life was facilitated and improved with flexible working models, reliable working hours, remote work and cooperation with a kindergarten.
  • Accessible information technology is required in order to facilitate the participation of people with disabilities. Tests were carried out for our web services and improvement of digital accessibility was begun.
  • Language is a key component of greater equality. This is why Toll Collect has clear recommendations for respectful and gender-sensitive communication. In order to ensure that all genders are included and are visible, Toll Collect uses neutral formulations (or the ‘Genderstern’ (asterisk suffix) convention in the German language).

Diversity Charter

In May 2020, management and the chair of the works council signed the Diversity Charter . In doing so, Toll Collect committed itself to,

  1. promote a respectful and appreciative company culture,
  2. review human resources processes and ensure sensitivity to diversity,
  3. appreciate the diversity of the company and the associated potential,
  4. internally and externally communicate the Diversity Charter,
  5. provide information on activities and progress on an annual basis and
  6. inform employees about the implementation of the Diversity Charter.

Logo Diversity Charter

Toll Collect signs the Diversity Charter

Your contact partner

Diversity and Inclusion Manager
Julia Heikkilä


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