Our commitment to young people

The video shows how Toll Collect has been involved in supporting children and young people for many years.

The youth initiative "Hallo, Zukunft!"

Toll Collect supports the "Hallo Zukunft" ("Hello Future!") initiative, which aims to increase the involvement of young people in transport, traffic and logistics. There is dire need for this in this sector. According to current estimates, we will be facing a shortage of tens of thousands of professional drivers in the next few years. As a company with social responsibility, Toll Collect and publishing house Verlag Heinrich Vogel are championing this important economic sector.

"We see it as our duty when it comes to guaranteeing mobility," says Hanns-Karsten Kirchmann summing this commitment up nicely. For the CEO of Toll Collect GmbH, it's important "that logistics has a successful future as a key sector in Germany – through reliable toll collection which benefits the funding of our traffic infrastructure and through actively helping in the search for good junior staff!"

Part of the effort involves going into schools to raise awareness among young people about jobs in the logistics sector, especially as professional drivers. The Heinrich Vogel publishing house and welcomed Toll Collect as a new partner and co-founder in 2013. This joint partnership has resulted in many new opportunities.

More drive thanks to Toll Collect

One part of this work involves inviting school pupils to logistics companies and presenting career options in the logistics industry, particularly that of a professional driver. The publishing house Verlag Heinrich Vogel leads by example and has been delighted with its new partner and co-founder Toll Collect since 2013. An enhancement which brings many new opportunities:

One example of this is the "BEST BKF" competition – Germany's first trainee competition for professional drivers. Here, the competitors have to answer tricky questions about their training. The three best trainees win cash prizes with a total value of 6,000 euros and are invited to the Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring.

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