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    Here is an overview of messages for toll system users. You can subscribe to receive them via our newsletter.

    12/03/2014 - New customer portal provides a range of benefits

    Our new portal for registered customers will be starting in January 2015. Make the most of the benefits offered by it and order the activation codes for your personal account now.

    11/10/2014 - Payment by EC debit card no longer possible

    Due to low demand, it will no longer be possible to pay by EC debit card at toll station terminals as of 1 January 2015.

    11/10/2014 - New rates as of 1 January 2015

    As of 1 January 2015, there will be new toll rates for trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 12 tonnes and higher in Germany.

    09/25/2014 - Toll Collect at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014

    Visit us at the world's biggest international trade show for commercial vehicles in Hanover. With the slogan "Mit Toll Collect läuft's" (Toll Collect Gets You Moving) we will be providing information on the latest developments in truck toll collection.

    09/23/2014 - Mobile search available

    With our new location search, you can now also find toll stations and service partners from on the road.

    02/03/2014 - Faster update of your vehicle data with TOLL-EasyChange

    TOLL-EasyChange makes it easier to change vehicle data. As of February 2014 it will no longer be necessary to bring your vehicle to a Toll Collect Service Partner.


    01/31/2014 - Order info materials online

    ree information about the toll system can now be ordered online.

    01/31/2014 - Toll Collect has changed over to SEPA

    If you pay the truck toll using the settlement by credit account method, you should immediately start using the new international IBAN and BIC account information for your transfers.

    01/30/2014 - Important: submit your SEPA mandate!

    If you do not have a credit account with Toll Collect, please be sure to promptly send your SEPA mandate to your payment services provider. This may be LogPay, or the issuer of your fuel card or credit card.

    08/02/2013 - New toll rate for Euro 6 vehicles possible

    Toll Collect has now completed the technical requirements for the separate toll rate planned by the federal government for Euro 6 vehicles.

    06/17/2013 - Toll Collect at the Truck Grand Prix

    The highlight of the truck racing season is coming up soon: the 28th International ADAC Truck Grand Prix takes place at the Nürburgring in Germany on 12-14 July and Toll Collect will be there!

    06/12/2013 - Online truck registration

    Register your vehicle with Toll Collect in only a few mouse clicks. It's simple with the online registration. Log on now!

    04/29/2013 - Updated route network

    In accordance with federal guidelines, Toll Collect updated on 15 April, the route network of German motorways and trunk roads subject to road toll charges.

    01/08/2013 - OBU: Update Operating Data

    Please note that the OBU-display message „Operating Data Invalid“ may appear in case the vehicle was not in use for a longer term or was not in transit in Germany. Further the red LED will turn up. Here are a few tips how to proceed in such a situation.

    10/12/2012 - Helaba in Online Banking

    During online banking, the name of the receiving bank is automatically identified when the sort code is entered. Consequently, registered Toll Collect users who settle their toll by credit account and use online banking for making account payments do not have to change the name of the bank.

    09/18/2012 - Facing the challenge of sustainability

    Since the introduction of tolls for heavy goods vehicles in Germany, toll road use in the emission category Euro 5 and EEV1 has risen to 77 per cent. This is just one way in which the satellite-supported toll system from Toll Collect is contributing to sustainability.

    09/17/2012 - WestLB becomes Helaba

    If you pay your toll by credit account, the name of the receiving bank has changed with immediate effect. Please enter Helaba instead of WestLB on your transfers. This also applies to the payment of additional toll-related services such as duplicate invoices and OBU re-enablement.

    08/14/2012 - Toll Atlas: New edition

    A new edition of the Toll Atlas published by Toll Collect is now available.

    08/14/2012 - Federal trunk roads booking: Do not forget the number

    You want to book a trip on a federal trunk road online or at the toll terminal? For the route selection, please always enter the number of the federal road at first and then type in the name of the driveway. For example: B100 Landsberg - without blank between B and number!

    03/02/2012 - Truck toll system proven effective

    The overall collection rate, a key measure of the accuracy and reliability of toll system operation, reached 99.9% for the first time in 2011.

    11/07/2011 - Registered but still no OBU?

    From August 2011, Toll Collect will be using recycling paper for mailing toll statements and itemised journey lists. You can support our commitment to environmental protection by having these documents sent to you via e-mail.

    07/01/2011 - Protecting the environment

    From August 2011, Toll Collect will be using recycling paper for mailing toll statements and itemised journey lists. You can support our commitment to environmental protection by having these documents sent to you via e-mail.

    06/01/2011 - Payment with a vehicle card is easy and safe

    Do you normally log-on at toll station terminals? Now you can use a more convenient method. Take advantage of cashless payment with the Toll Collect vehicle card!

    02/25/2011 - Satellite-based toll system and data protection

    All data recorded in the process of toll collection are subject to strict appropriation rules.

    07/06/2010 - Please do not forget the 2nd page

    03/30/2010 - VAT ID number required

    The tax status for toll-related supplementary services changed at the beginning of the year.

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