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    Toll Collect has changed over to SEPA

    If you pay the truck toll using the settlement by credit account method, you should immediately start using the new international IBAN and BIC account information for your transfers.  ...more

    Important: submit your SEPA mandate!

    If you do not have a credit account with Toll Collect, please be sure to promptly send your SEPA mandate to your payment services provider. This may be LogPay, or the issuer of your fuel card or credit card. ...more

    The road toll for trucks weighing 12 tonnes or more on roads in Austria can now be paid using the Toll Collect OBU. ...more

    Online truck registration

    Register your vehicle with Toll Collect in only a few mouse clicks. It’s simple with the new online registration. Only requirement: Your company has to be registered in the Toll Collect data base. ...more

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      Calls from within Germany:
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      008000 222 2628*
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