Automatic log-on with the On-Board Unit

Paying the truck toll is easy! Enter the key information and the On-Board Unit handles everything else automatically.

Who is it for?

The automatic log-on using the On-Board Unit (OBU) is an option for those who would like to pay toll with the least possible amount of effort. If the unit is installed in a truck, the driver no longer needs to manually log on at a terminal or via the internet.

In order for you to use the OBU, you must first register your company and vehicles subject to toll with Toll Collect.

Register with Toll Collect

OBU installation

As soon as you have received confirmation of your vehicle registration from us, you can arrange an appointment with an authorised service partner to get an OBU fitted. These workshops have been selected and trained by Toll Collect and can be found throughout Germany and in other European countries.

Depending on the conditions in your vehicle, the OBU is either installed in a DIN slot or on the dashboard. The unchangeable, specific truck data, e.g. the emission class, is entered into the unit. The vehicle's official licence plate number and country of registration are saved. This creates a unique assignment of the licence plate number to the On-Board Unit.

Following installation of the OBU, you will receive a briefing and a user manual from your service partner. In return, you sign the installation certificate for the service partner to acknowledge the handover.

Find a service partner

OBU operation

The OBU pretty much takes care of the log-on procedure for you. You just need to check some information before starting each journey and the OBU automatically does the rest: With the help of GPS satellite signals and other positioning sensors, it recognises the route sections travelled, calculates the toll charges and then wirelessly transmits this data to Toll Collect for invoicing.

From October 2017, the OBUs will be gradually switched to a new mode of operation as preparation for the toll on all federal trunk roads planned for 1 July 2018. In future, the units will transmit the journey data and the vehicle characteristics required for toll collection to the data centre. The toll will then be calculated there and not in the OBU as before. Toll collection is therefore being switched from decentralised to centralised data processing. The conversion will be apparent by a new screen on the OBU.

Tips for an interference free journey

User manuals

Start online tutorial


The OBU is made available free of charge and remains the property of Toll Collect GmbH. Amongst others, you bear the cost of:

  • Installation of the On-Board Unit
  • Deinstallation of the On-Board Unit if the vehicle is decommissioned or sold and the business relationship with Toll Collect is terminated,
  • A change of licence plate number and for changes to toll-related vehicle data by a service partner
  • travel time to and from the service partner as well as downtime due to the above work being carried out.

Service Hotline

  • Calls from within Germany:
  • 0800 222 2628*
  • Calls from outside Germany:
  • 008000 222 2628*

Toll Service Austria

Toll Service Austria. TOLL2GO: Two countries, one On-Board Unit - toll collection in Germany and Austria

The truck toll can also be paid via the Toll Collect OBU in Austria.


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