Toll extension 2018

The German Federal Government has decided to expand the truck toll to all federal trunk roads as of 1 July 2018. Here, you can find up-to-date information on the topic.

Truck toll to be extended in 2018

The fourth amendment to the German Federal Trunk Road Toll Act (BFStrMG) has been in force since 31 March 2017. This has paved the way for expanding the toll to all federal trunk roads as of 1 July 2018.The German government thereby aims to improve the financing of federal motorways and trunk roads and guarantee a modern, safe and efficient traffic infrastructure in Germany. For this reason, the user financing needs to be supported.

The German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) contracted Toll Collect to lay the technical groundwork. With the extension, the federal toll system will grow to 40,000 kilometres of federal trunk road. Currently, a total of 15,000 kilometres of motorway and federal trunk road is subject to charge. And that applies to only one direction of travel for each road.

Video: Levying tolls on all federal trunk roads

Be prepared with the OBU

Customers already registered with Toll Collect and whose trucks are equipped with an on-board unit (OBU) require no further action for the toll network expansion and are fully prepared. Automatic toll collection via an on-board unit offers clear advantages for customers. Drivers can change their route at any time without cancelling or partially cancelling their current route. This provides flexibility and saves companies time and money on a daily basis.

The expansion of the toll road network means that many more companies will be using the toll system. Companies that will join the toll system starting in 2018 should decide in advance how they want to pay the fee. For companies that frequently use toll roads, it is best to pay tolls using automatic log-on via an on-board unit.

These companies should register online via the Toll Collect customer portal in order to have an OBU installed. Vehicles can then be registered. Next, the company visits a service partner who will install the OBU. Toll Collect provides the unit free of charge and the company pays for the installation.

Log-on via the OBU may also be a good alternative for customers who previously used manual log-on for toll collection. Therefore companies should stay informed and act as soon as possible.

More about automatic log-on with the OBU

Video: Changes to the automatic log-on system

The OBU screen is changing

From October 2017, the On-Board Units will be gradually prepared for toll on all federal trunk roads. Neither the transport companies nor the truck drivers have to do anything at all. The update of the OBUs will be done automatically. It will be apparent by a new screen on the display of the unit. In future during the journey, it will show the number of axles, the abbreviation DE (if the truck is travelling in Germany) and the weight. Depending on the gross vehicle weight set for the vehicle, either the value "< 7.5 tonnes" or "=> 7.5 tonnes" will be displayed.

The section that is currently being travelled, the toll amount collected for it and the total amount of the current journey will no longer be displayed. In addition, the acoustic signal used to date when driving through a route section has been discontinued.

The OBUs will be gradually switched to the new screen by spring 2018.

New with manual log-on and enforcement

In addition, Toll Collect is working on improving the manual log-on. A mobile app should be available to customers from 2018. Customers will also still be able to use internet log-on and upgraded toll stations.

Video: Upgrading of manual log-on

In the future, enforcement pillars will enforce compliance with the toll requirement - in addition to mobile enforcement - on federal trunk roads. The first of the blue pillars, almost four metres high, have already been installed.

More about the new enforcement pillars

Video: Enforcement pillars - enforcement on federal trunk roads

Changes to the itemised journey list

From the end of November 2017 there will be new invoicing documents. The structure of the itemised journey list in csv format is also changing. To be able to process the information from the itemised journey list without any issues in future, you will need to check and, if necessary, adjust the settings in your accounting programs.

More on the changes to the itemised journey list

Brochure about the toll extension

You can find further information about the extension of the toll requirement on all federal trunk roads in our brochure.

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