This is how to prepare for the expansion of the truck toll

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The draft legislation from the Federal Government on the amendment to the German Federal Trunk Road Toll Act (BFStrMG) specifies that CO₂ emissions classes will be introduced as a new tariff feature from 1 December 2023. The Technically Permissible Maximum Laden Mass (TPMLM) will also become the basis for assignment to the weight class. These steps will allow you to prepare in advance for the extension of the truck toll.

Please check the CO₂ class and the Technically Permissible Maximum Laden Mass (TPMLM) of your vehicles in the customer portal !

  • For all vehicles registered with Toll Collect, the CO₂ emission class 1 is stored by default.
    A better emission class is possible for vehicles with a date of first registration from 1 July 2019 onwards. Using the emissions class finder in the customer portal, you can check to which CO₂ emission class a vehicle is assigned. There you have the possibility to request a change in the emission class and to upload documents for evidence (vehicle registration certificate, CIF, CoC, single-approval sheet).
    Please apply as soon as possible.

  • With the introduction of the CO₂2 emission classes, the Technically Permissible Maximum Laden Mass (TPMLM) of the tractor unit (Field 1 in the registration document( is used as the basis for assignment to a weight class - instead of the gross vehicle weight (GVW, Field 2) used in the past. This means that vehicles could fall into a higher weight class or be subject to toll charges. This applies in particular to vehicles which have been "downrated".
    For vehicles where no TPMLM was stored up to now, Toll Collect has transferred the weight details from the GVW field into the new TPMLM field. Please check the value for the TPMLM, to ensure that the correct toll is levied from 1 December 2023.

You will find the overview of your vehicles here. By clicking the edit button on the left column you open an overview in which you can change the CO₂ emission class or adjust the TPMLM.

Displaying and changing vehicles

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