The OBU display is changing

Berlin, 24-Oct-2017

The On-Board Units are being prepared for the planned toll on all federal trunk roads beginning 1 July 2018. They will gradually receive new software for this. The first 25,000 OBUs are now being updated.

Neither the transport companies nor the truck drivers have to do anything at all. The update of the OBUs will be done automatically. It will be apparent by a new screen on the display of the unit. In addition, the usual acoustic signal used to date when driving through a route section has been discontinued.

In future, three pieces of information will appear on the display during the journey:

  • the number of axles,
  • the abbreviation DE (if the truck is travelling in Germany),
  • the weight. The display will now show whether the gross vehicle weight is set in the OBU as under 7.5 tonnes or as being over/equal to 7.5 tonnes.

For trucks fitted with an OBU that use the TOLL2GO service and are travelling within Austria, the toll area "AT" will be shown on the display. The weight will not be displayed.

The green LED will continue to indicate the correct toll collection for the driver as before. Information on individual trips can be found on the customer portal.

The section that is currently being travelled, the toll amount collected for it and the total amount of the current journey will no longer be displayed.

Service Hotline

  • Calls from within Germany:
  • 0800 222 2628*
  • Calls from outside Germany:
  • 008000 222 2628*

Toll extension 2018

Up-to-date information on the extension of the truck toll to all federal trunk roads,



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