New duties to cooperate from 1 January 2019

One hand sets the weight and axle class on an OBU. Both entries are visible on the display of the OBU.

The government is planning to introduce new tariffs for the truck toll from 1 January 2019. For now the legislative procedure has not yet been completed, meaning more changes can still be made to it. There are new duties to cooperate for drivers in the draft law.

The weight classes have already been displayed on the On-Board Units since June 2018. Before, entering the weight class was optional. From 1 January 2019, the declaration of the weight class on the On-Board Unit will be binding and absolutely necessary. Moreover, for vehicles and vehicle combinations with gross vehicle weights over 18 tonnes, the number of axles must be given in addition. However, for lower gross vehicle weights, declaring the number of axles is also optional on a voluntary basis. If the weight class is not entered, it will lead to punishment and collection of the toll amount due.

Toll rate

The toll rate per kilometre is composed of three partial toll rates for:

  • Infrastructure costs according to the weight class of the vehicles or vehicle combinations subject to toll. From a gross vehicle weight of over 18 tonnes, up to 3 axles or 4 or more axles are additionally distinguished according to:
  • the air pollution costs caused depending on the emission class,
  • the noise pollution costs caused with 0.002 euro.

Weight classes

The weight classes are distinguished as follows:

≥ 7.5 tonnes – 11.99 tonnes
≥ 12 tonnes – ≤18 tonnes
> 18 tonnes with up to three axles
> 18 tonnes with four or more axles

Important note

To determine the gross vehicle weight of vehicle combinations, the gross vehicle weight of individual vehicles is added, contrary to the German Road Traffic Registration Regulations. Support and fifth-wheel loads are not included.

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