Toll Collect is removing the last remaining toll terminals

A truck driver logging on at a toll terminal

From the beginning of May to the end of June 2022, Toll Collect is removing the last 120 of its toll terminals. They are predominately located at seaports and border crossings. In recent years, log-ons at toll terminals have been in continuous decline. On average, there are currently fewer than 2,000 log-ons per week at approximately 60 locations.

Most customers pay the truck toll using the automatic method. Nearly 99 per cent of toll proceeds are generated via the automatic log-on method of the On-Board Unit (OBU). The OBU is supplied free of charge, and a certified workshop installs the device. Your route can be freely selected and modified spontaneously. You can pay via credit card, fuel card or the Toll Collect direct debit service.

Customers who wish to continue paying their truck tolls using manual log-on can use the Toll Collect app directly on their smartphone or tablet. Logging on with the app has been the preferred way to pay tolls via manual log-on since 2018. Log-ons are possible via a smartphone or tablet from your parked vehicle anywhere and at any time. The app supports operation in German, English, French and Polish, as well as Romanian and Dutch from the end of May. The Toll Collect app is available free of charge in the respective stores of major operating systems.


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