Settlement by credit account

For settlement by credit account, you transfer an amount to your Toll Collect credit account in advance. It is important that you always have enough money in your credit account before commencing travel. The toll incurred will then be deducted from your credit.

Would you like to not have to constantly think about topping up your credit account? Then the direct debit service is an interesting alternative option for you.

Toll Collect direct debit

Here's how it works

You top up your credit by making a payment to the following account:

Recipient: Toll Collect GmbH
Bank: Helaba (another name may be shown in online banking)
IBAN: DE88 3005 0000 0001 6401 19
BIC/Swift code: WELADEDD
Reason for payment: Your customer number XXXXXXX (Example: 1234567) and the reference 'toll'

The bank address for foreign bank transfers is:

Uerdinger Straße 88
40474 Düsseldorf

You can enquire about your current account balance by telephoning our Service Hotline. Please have your master PIN on hand for authorisation.

If you need it to go quicker

Please keep standard bank processing times in mind when topping up your credit account. These can vary depending on the bank and country.

If you need it to go quicker, the toll credit can always be topped up via Paytoll using a credit card; the amount is credited the same day.

Select this payment method

For registered customers

Simply select the payment method in the customer portal.

If you do not have access to the customer portal, then please contact our customer service department.

Information on the customer portal

For non-registered customers

The settlement by credit account payment method is automatically set up upon registration. You can change the payment method later in the customer portal.

Register online

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