Manual log-on

How can I log on over the Internet?

You must register your company with Toll Collect before you can log on manually online. You will then receive a user ID and a master PIN. You will need both to use the internet reservation system.

You can access the internet reservation system either via the "Book route" button on our homepage or directly at

On your first visit to the homepage of the internet reservation system click on "Initial login" and enter your user ID and your master PIN. You will then be prompted to enter a password and an individually chosen internet login ID. For future logins, enter your internet login ID and password to gain access to the internet reservation system.

What does internet log-in mean?

The internet log-in is the personal ID of your choice which you need to access the Internet Reservation System. As soon as you have specified your internet log-in in the Internet Reservation System, you will be able to access the system only with your correct internet log-in and your password (which you are also free to choose).

What should I do if I forget my password?

Click on the “Forgotten your password?“ link on the IRS homepage ( After you have entered your user ID the password will be automatically sent to the e-mail address specified in the IRS. If you do not want your password to be sent by e-mail please contact the Internet Reservations Support department. You can have your account reset so that you can enter a new password.

What should I do if my account is blocked?

If your password is entered incorrectly five times, your account will be locked. If this occurs, contact Customer Service. They will reset your account to its original status as it was before your initial log-in. Then click on the "Initial login" button on the start page of the internet reservation system Then enter your user ID and master PIN.

How far in advance can I reserve routes via the internet?

You can reserve routes via the internet up to three days before beginning your journey.

Can I reserve routes via the internet for non-registered vehicles?

It is possible to make reservations for non-registered trucks. During the reservation process select “Enter”. You will need to enter the country ID, the official license plate, the permissible total weight, the number of axles and the emission category.

I would like to type in the start and destination for my route. What do I have to bear in mind?

You can also type the start and the destination of your route directly into the route selection fields. Please ensure that they are entered correctly. Information on correct entries can be found under

I cannot select a registered vehicle on the Internet. What should I do?

If the Toll Collect registration process has not been completed, it may not be possible to select a specific vehicle in the Internet log-on. In this case, please enter the vehicle registration plate number manually. Simply click on "ENTER" to input this information on the vehicle selection screen.

How do I log on at a toll station terminal?

You can log on manually at the toll station terminals near the on-ramps to motorways. Terminals with the "Toll Collect" sign can be seen at rest stops and petrol stations in Germany and along the border in neighbouring countries. It is possible to log on in German, English, French, and Polish.

The log-on procedure at the terminal is similar to buying a ticket for public transportation. Simply enter all relevant vehicle data, starting time, starting point and destination. The toll station terminal will then calculate the shortest route within the toll road network. You can accept the proposed route or choose an alternative route by entering intermediate waypoints.

If you are in agreement with the route, confirm this information and select the desired method of payment. After payment, you will obtain a log-on receipt, which entitles you to travel on the selected toll road. Your receipt contains:

  • the vehicle data
  • the route booked
  • the length of the route
  • the amount of toll
  • a 16-digit log-on number
  • the period of validity

It is not necessary to register with Toll Collect to log on at a toll station terminal.

Can I delete routes I have booked using the manual system?

Journeys that have not been started yet can be cancelled on the Internet or at any toll station terminal. Routes can also be changed by cancelling them and repeating the log-on procedure. Please note that only the entire route can be cancelled via the Internet log-on system. Partial route cancellations must be transacted at a toll station terminal.

You must select the "Cancel" function online, enter the route to be cancelled and confirm. Only complete routes can be cancelled. Partial route cancellations are not possible on the Internet. The toll system log-on will be voided and the log-on receipt and number will be invalid. The excess toll amount will be credited to your account or refunded via the original payment method.

If you have already begun the trip, you can cancel untraveled portion of the trip at a toll station terminal along the booked route. The route not yet travelled is calculated from the location of the toll station terminal where you are making the cancellation to the destination on the chosen route.

To do so, choose the "Cancel" function and insert the log-on receipt or enter the log-on number. The toll for the route not yet travelled will be refunded. If the toll was paid in cash, you will receive a ticket, against which the toll to be refunded is paid out at the cash desk. If the journey is cancelled at an outdoor terminal, the excess amount will be refunded in euro coins. If the toll was paid with a card, simply insert the card into terminal, and the specified amount will be refunded via the original means of payment.

Trips can no longer be cancelled after the log-on receipt's period of validity has expired. However, you can still apply for a refund from BAG. To do so, you must prove that it was not possible to seek a refund earlier and you must file your request for a refund with BAG on the proper BAG form within two months of expiration of the log-on receipt or the Internet log-on. You can access the form on the Internet at or request it from BAG (headquarters or branch office).

Note: The only way to rebook is to cancel the old booking and log on a new route.

How can manually booked routes be cancelled?

Routes booked via the Internet log-on system can be cancelled (full cancellation) on the Internet or at a toll station terminal before the start of the period of validity. Once the period of validity has started, route segments that have not yet been driven can be cancelled only at a toll station terminal. The toll station terminal must be on the booked route.

Do I have to cancel at the same terminal that I made the original booking?

When you make a full cancellation, you can use any terminal to cancel. If you wish to make a part cancellation, you may only use the terminals on the booked route.

I want to cancel a journey for which I had paid cash at an indoor toll station terminal. How much time do I have to be refunded the cash desk?

After a cancellation at a toll station terminal you have 35 minutes to go to the cash desk and be refunded.

What happens if I lose my log-on receipt and would like to make a cancellation?

You can make a cancellation without the log-on receipt. However, what you must have is the log-on number, the truck data and the start time of the booked trip.

Can I cancel a booked journey once the period of validity has expired?

Once the period of validity of the log-on receipt has expired, you can obtain a refund only on application to the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG). To obtain a refund, you must be able to demonstrate that you were unable to make the claim prior to the expiry. The refund claim must be made to BAG on the BAG form provided for the purpose within two months of expiry of the period of validity of the log-on receipt or of the Internet log-on. You can download the form from the Internet at

I wanted to cancel a booking at a toll station terminal but this failed. What can I do?

A cancellation may be denied as the result of entry errors or brief technical problems at a toll station terminal. In cases like this, please notify Toll Collect using the call button on the toll station terminal. If there was a technical fault, the amount will be refunded once you have submitted the form “Challenge to cancellation/log-on receipt”.

My driver was unable to pay with their EC card, so they travelled without a valid ticket and received a hearing. Who has to pay the fine?

The driver must have another acceptable payment method on their person in order to pay the toll. The road user subject to toll is responsible for deciding how the payment is made. There is no third-party liability.

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