Accessibility statement

This accessibility statement applies to the website published by Toll Collect GmbH at

As a public body as defined in Directive (EU) 2016/2102, we make every effort to make our website fully accessible in compliance with the requirements of the German Equality for Persons with Disabilities Act (BGG) and the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV 2.0) implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102.

Compliance status with BITV requirements

The accessibility requirements are set out in Sections 3 Paragraphs 1 to 4 and 4 of BITV 2.0, which was enacted based on Section 12d of the BGG.

Compliance with the requirements is being evaluated based on a BITV test conducted by a certified testing body alongside the website’s development.

The evaluation has shown that the website does not yet comply with the aforementioned requirements due to the following discrepancies. Toll Collect is planning to relaunch the website in order to rectify the stated accessibility limitations.

Control elements

Not all interactive control elements, such as links and buttons, have names and roles that can be read by screen readers.

Moving content

There is no clearly visible control element to pause the automatic content sliders (carousels) used in various areas of the website.

Content on hover or focus

Content that is activated by cursor hover or keyboard focus cannot be closed without changing the focus position.


The labels of form fields are not clearly linked to the associated input fields for screen readers to read them. There is currently no autocomplete function for fields that refer to the users themselves. Error messages in the forms are not linked to the labels of the affected fields. In some cases, fields are not labelled. For some forms, a character string, referred to as a CAPTCHA, has to be entered in order to submit the forms. For these image-based CAPTCHAs, there are no alternatives.

HTML structural elements

The structure of the headers is currently not optimised for screen readers. Lists are not labelled in a way that can be read by screen readers.

HTML syntax

The HTML syntax is not optimised for screen readers.


The contrast ratio for some headers, buttons, continuous text links and form fields does not meet the requirement of 4.5:1 or 3:1.

Link texts

For some link texts, it is not apparent that they trigger the opening of a PDF.

OBU tutorial

This feature is intended for truck drivers and explains how to use the On-Board Unit. The pages do not adjust to the screen size of smartphones and smaller tablets. As a separate module, the tutorial has its own navigation that differs from the navigation structure of the rest of the website.

Downloadable PDF documents

Documents that were created before July 2020 are not yet barrier-free. When updates to these documents become necessary in the future, their accessibility will also be ensured.


Tables are not structured or labelled in a way that screen readers can appropriately render them.

Keyboard accessibility

The language cannot be selected using the keyboard. In addition, repeated blocks of content cannot be skipped using the keyboard. The keyboard focus is not clearly visible or not present.


The primary language of a page is not declared in the HTML code. Words of other languages are not labelled with the corresponding language attribute.


Videos that were published on our website before July 2020 do not have subtitles. When updates to these videos become necessary in the future, their accessibility will also be ensured.

Creation date of this statement

This statement was created on 15 October 2020 and updated on 15 October 2021.

Reporting barriers

Do you want to let us know about any barriers that exist or ask for any information about our implementation of accessibility requirements? Please contact our Internet editing team with any feedback and for further information.

Toll Collect GmbH
Internet Editing
Linkstraße 4
10875 Berlin

or use our contact form.

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Arbitration procedure

If, after sending your feedback using the contact details specified above, a satisfactory solution cannot be found, you can contact the arbitration board in accordance with Section 16 BGG. The role of the BGG arbitration board is to facilitate out-of-court dispute resolution in the event of conflicts between people with disabilities and public bodies on the issue of accessibility. The arbitration procedure is free of charge. Engaging legal representation is not necessary. Further information on the arbitration procedure and the ways to file an application can be found at:

You can also contact the BGG arbitration board directly at: