CO₂ emission classes

What are CO₂ emission classes?

Since 1 December 2023, the CO₂ emission class has been a tariff feature of the truck toll. As a result, the toll rate per kilometre will now also depend on how much carbon dioxide (CO2) a vehicle emits. This system is based on an EU-wide regulation.

Vehicles are categorised into five CO₂ emission classes. The lower the CO₂ emissions, the higher and better the emission class.

Determine and change CO₂ emission class

Toll Collect has assigned all vehicles registered before 1 December 2023 to CO₂ emission class 1. Vehicles first registered before 1 July 2019 are therefore correctly classified. Due to legal requirements, these vehicles cannot be assigned to a higher CO₂ emission class.

You can check the allocation of your vehicles with the emission class finder in the customer portal. You can also submit an application to change the CO₂ emission class there and upload the necessary evidence. Suitable evidence includes:

  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Customer information from the vehicle manufacturer (CIF)
  • Certificate of conformity from the vehicle manufacturer (CoC)
  • Individual authorisation form

The emission class finder is also available here on the website. Please note that an application can only be made via the customer portal.

CO₂ emission class finder

The video shows how you can find and adjust the CO₂ class in the customer portal.

You can activate the subtitles using the icons at the bottom right in the player.