Toll Service Austria: TOLL2GO

A road subject to toll in Austria running through a mountain landscape

Two countries, one On-Board Unit - toll collection in Germany and Austria

TOLL2GO is a joint service of Toll Collect and ASFINAG, the operator of the toll system in Austria. With TOLL2GO, the truck toll can be also paid in Austria via the Toll Collect on-board unit. Particularly attractive if you frequently travel in Austria and Germany.

Logo of TOLL2GO, the toll service for Austria

The benefit is that you only need one OBU for toll payment in Germany and Austria: the Toll Collect on-board unit. The TOLL2GO service is offered free of charge for existing Toll Collect and ASFINAG customers. New customers will be charged a one-off processing fee of 5 euros by ASFINAG.

Although there is now one common on-board unit, customers will still have a separate contract with each of the two toll operators. The calculation of the toll to be paid will be done separately by each toll operator as usual.

TOLL2GO is a further step towards a cross-system and transnational toll service. For the first time, it is possible to establish interaction between a microwave-based toll system and a satellite-based toll system.