Legal basis

Legal basis for collecting the toll

The Toll Act and the Toll Regulation provide the legal framework for introducing the distance-based truck toll. The currently valid version of the German Federal Trunk Road Toll Act (BFStrMG), which took effect on 19 July 2011, provides the legal basis for collecting the new, distance-based toll. It determines, for example, which vehicles must pay toll on defined trunk roads, how the toll is collected, and how toll collection is enforced.

The German Federal Trunk Road Toll Act authorizes the German government to set the amount of the toll by regulation. Until a new German Heavy Goods Vehicle Toll Level Ordinance has been issued, the level of the toll is determined in accordance with the Annex to the German Federal Trunk Road Toll Act The German Toll Order regulates all details of truck-toll collection. The Toll Route Extension Regulations regulates toll collection on selected German trunk roads.

Vehicles required to pay the toll

All motor vehicles or vehicle combinations with a gross vehicle weight of 7,5 tonnes or more and designed or used exclusively for goods transport (§ 1 Section 1 BFStrMG) are required to pay the toll. All users of the German toll-road network are required to pay for the distance travelled on toll-routes – irrespective of their country of origin.

Toll road network

The requirement to pay toll applies to federal motorways, including fuel stations and rest stops, and around 2,000 kilometres of trunk roads. For detailed information and a breakdown of the toll road network, please click here.

Toll amount

The toll amount is based on the truck’s emission class and number of axles, as well as on the length of the toll route. Further information is available here.

Exemption from paying toll

Under § 1 Section 2 of the German Federal Trunk Road Toll Act, certain motor vehicles and vehicle combinations are exempted from paying the toll. Further information is available here.

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