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Our online guides help you to better understand how the toll works. Just have a go and see how the operation of the On-Board Unit works or how you can log on a route at one of the old toll terminals.

Operating the OBU

How does the OBU work? Step by step you can click through the individual screens displayed by the On-Board Units from Bosch, Grundig, Siemens and Continental.

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Logging on at an old toll terminal

How do you book a route on an old toll terminal and how do you cancel it? If you want to know how this works, you can practise using our online guide.

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Online log-on/logging on at a new toll terminal

If you want to know how online log-on works, you can simply click through without registering. At the same time, you will familiarise yourself with how to operate the new toll terminals as both user interfaces are practically identical.

Please note: If you do not wish to activate a chargeable log-on, you must cancel your booking before payment!

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Service Hotline

  • Calls from within Germany:
  • 0800 222 2628*
  • Calls from outside Germany:
  • 008000 222 2628*

Log-on via the Internet

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Logging on via the OBU

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