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Toll Collect Toll Collect

Service hotline

  • Calls from Germany:
  • 0800 222 26 28 *
  • Calls from outside Germany:
  • 00800 0 222 26 28 *

* free of charge, costs for calls from mobiles may vary

Automatic log-on

How does the On-Board Unit (OBU) work?

The on-board unit (OBU) switches on automatically when the ignition is started. The driver is legally required to check that the gross vehicle weight and – for vehicles over 18 t – number of axles are set correctly before starting each journey. If these settings are incorrect, they must be adjusted accordingly. The OBU detects the location of the vehicle with the aid of the GPS signals, and sends this journey data to the computing centre together with the vehicle-specific characteristics, on a time delay and under encryption. The data is allocated to the toll route network when it arrives at the Toll Collect computing centre. Once this is done, the toll for the roads subject to toll is calculated in the computing centre based on the vehicle-specific tariff characteristics (axle, weight and emission classes).

If I decide to use the automatic system, where can I obtain an On-Board Unit?

Names and addresses of Service partners can be found here.

I would like to take part in the automatic process, but I do not have a DIN slot free. What should I do now?

The OBU can be fitted in what is known as an installation frame. Your service partner can advise you and then order an installation frame before proceeding with fitting the OBU. Another option is to remove a device which you do not need as much from the vehicle and use the free DIN slot to fit the OBU.

What does an On-Board Unit cost?

The On-Board Unit is provided by Toll Collect free of charge and remains the property of Toll Collect GmbH.

The customer bears the costs for

  • installation of the On-Board Unit
  • deinstallation on termination of the business arrangement
  • change of vehicle registration (where necessary) and change of toll-relevant vehicle data
  • journey times to and from the service centre and waiting times in the scope of the above work, and also in response to any technically related written inspection requests from Toll Collect or the German Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG).

The widespread network of Service Partners, combined with an OBU installation time of no more than four hours creates the requirements to keep the cost of installation as low as possible.

How long does it take to fit?

If the vehicles are already prepared, which applies to a good half of heavy trucks, then the fitting process takes an average of under an hour. If it is not prepared, then it can take up to four hours.

Can the On-Board Unit be installed in combination with other systems?

The Toll Collect On-Board Unit (OBU) can be installed in combination with the on-board equipment used for other systems. Tests conducted with the Swiss and Austrian systems have demonstrated that the systems do not interfere with each other under normal operating conditions. However, it is essential to follow the licensing regulations and guidelines for installing and configuring the different units. Further information is available from your authorised Toll Collect Service Partner.

What do I do if my On-Board Unit malfunctions?

If your On-Board Unit malfunctions during a journey, you are obliged to log on manually at the next available opportunity. This is possible via smartphone with the app or through your forwarding agent via online log-on. In your own interest, contact a Toll Collect service partner as soon as possible to arrange the repair of the On-Board Unit.

Are there alternatives if the GPS system goes out of service?

It is highly unlikely that the GPS system will be completely shut down, since GPS is used for commercial purposes worldwide with annual sales of several billion U.S. dollars and is indispensable in such areas as civil aviation and shipping. However, should the GPS system fail, all truck traffic can use the manual log-on methods via the app or online log-on.

What happens when my truck equipped with an On-Board Unit (OBU) gets a new vehicle registration number plate?

If the country code or licence plate number changes on one of your trucks equipped with an On-Board Unit, you can perform a change of licence plate number in the customer portal. You require a copy of the vehicle registration certificate part 1 for this.

Once the data has been changed, you will receive written confirmation.

How can I have the data in my On-Board Unit (OBU) changed?

If you want to change the vehicle data on one of your trucks equipped with an On-Board Unit, you can perform a change of vehicle data in the customer portal.

Once the data has been changed, you will receive written confirmation.

The message "Toll collection disrupted" appears in the OBU display. What does this mean?

There are different reasons for this error message. OBU display messages are explained in the operating manual for the device.

I have received an inspection request from Toll Collect. What does this mean?

It means that a technical problem with your On-Board Unit has been detected and this may affect automatic toll collection. The inspection will help us ensure that the correct amount of toll is charged and that you are not unnecessarily pulled over by BAG enforcement officers. Toll Collect will cover Service Partner costs for checking or replacing an On-Board Unit. If the on-board unit shows signs of any damage, Toll Collect retains the right to charge the customer costs for the on-board unit or the on-board unit components.

According to the message in the display, the OBU is blocked. What does this mean?

This means that the On-Board Unit is not operational. There are different reasons for this error message. OBU display messages are explained in the operating manual for the device.

What needs to be taken into consideration when selling or trading in a vehicle equipped with an On-Board Unit?

Before a vehicle is sold or traded in, the On-Board Unit must be removed from the vehicle by an authorised Toll Collect Service Partner. After the OBU had been removed, please deregister the vehicle with Toll Collect.

What should I do if my On-Board Unit is stolen or destroyed in an accident?

Please inform us of the loss immediately by fax or letter. In case of theft, you should have the OBU blocked. Simply ring our service hotline and have your user ID and Master PIN. Please note that the OBU is the property of Toll Collect and that we have a right to claim compensation in case of loss or damage.

Are the trucks positioned only with GPS under the automatic system?

Additional positioning sensors (dead reckoning with directional gyro and speedometer signals) are used to support the GPS positioning by the On-Board Unit. This process is independent of the GPS positioning. The results of the two processes are continuously matched against each other.

This further improves the identification of toll road segments. It even allows the system to function without GPS for a short time.

Service Hotline

  • Calls from within Germany:
  • 0800 222 2628 *
  • Calls from outside Germany:
  • 008000 222 2628 *

Logging on via the OBU

A truck driver uses an OBU in a truck.

More information

Toll Service Austria

Toll Service Austria. TOLL2GO: Two countries, one On-Board Unit - toll collection in Germany and Austria

The truck toll can also be paid via the Toll Collect OBU in Austria.


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