Toll payment

A truck model stands on a printed itemised journey list

Toll statement

If you are registered as a customer with Toll Collect, the toll will be billed once a month. You will then receive the toll statement as a download in the Toll Collect customer portal or by post on request.

  • The toll to be paid is calculated according to the route sections travelled on. The route sections were determined by the German government. All sections and section lengths are published by the Federal Logistics and Mobility Office (BALM) at .

    The toll is calculated individually for each route section and is rounded to two decimal places. Then the toll amounts for all sections are added together. This may mean that the toll to be paid differs from the expected toll. The following example serves to illustrate this effect:

    Rounding example (PDF, 213 KB)
A table shows the rounding of toll amounts

Itemised journey list

If you wish, you can also receive a monthly itemised journey list. The vehicle, route, journey time and other toll-relevant information are listed. You can see exactly how your toll fees have been calculated in this way. You will receive the itemised journey list as a PDF and csv file to download in our customer portal or by post on request.

Journey details

The journey details are available to all registered customers in the customer portal. Individual log-on numbers can be entered here once the itemised journey list has been received. With this, customers receive detailed information on each individual section.

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