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Toll Collect Toll Collect

Service hotline

  • Calls from Germany:
  • 0800 222 26 28 *
  • Calls from outside Germany:
  • 00800 0 222 26 28 *

* free of charge, costs for calls from mobiles may vary

Procedure in cases of potential toll violations

Here is what you can do if you receive a letter from us.

A driver standing in front of his truck

Thank you for supporting us with financing the German transport infrastructure!

In almost all enforcement checks we determine that the toll has been correctly paid. In the rare event that you do receive a notification or hearing summons, you can find out all of the possible causes for this here.

Please check whether you have received a Type 1 or Type 2 letter. This information can be found at the top right of the letterhead.

Type 1 letter

The number of axles, weight or emission class was set incorrectly during the journey and the difference to the toll amount already paid will now be collected.

You have two options:

  • If you agree with the provisional notification, please transfer the remaining amount to be collected to the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG) within seven days of notification. You must specify the transaction number (Kassenzeichen) when doing this. This can be found on the first page of the notification.

  • If you do not agree with the provisional notification, please send your justification and copies of the vehicle registration documents for the motor vehicle and trailer to

Clarifications on letter type 1

Type 2 letter

On-board unit (OBU)

If you use an on-board unit (OBU), this may not have recorded any toll data. A reason for this could be that your credit is used up. You can check your itemised journey list to see which journeys were correctly recorded.

We will check the journeys you have calculated for you if you let us know the route(s) actually travelled using the reply form and send it to

Where can I find an overview of my journeys that have not yet been settled?

What needs to be filled out in the reply form (Anhörungsbogen)?

Clarifications on letter type 2

Manual booking via app and web

If you have logged on manually, you may have travelled outside of the period of validity of your log-on, or you may have used roads other than the ones booked by you. An incorrectly entered licence plate number may also be the source of the error.

We will check your booking for you if you send a copy of your log-on receipt to Please also state the route(s) actually travelled in the reply form.

What needs to be filled out in the reply form (Anhörungsbogen)?

Clarifications on letter type 2

Service Hotline

  • Calls from within Germany:
  • 0800 222 2628 *
  • Calls from outside Germany:
  • 008000 222 2628 *
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