Do you know about the vehicle/fleet transfer with OBU?

A haulier talks to two truck drivers

Avoid deinstallation of the OBU if you sell your vehicle or your entire fleet to another company. The Vehicle / Fleet transfer function enables you to transfer up to 150 vehicles to the new owner directly with just a few clicks. The only requirement is that both companies are registered Toll Collect customers and have active access to the customer portal.

Here's what to do. Log in to the Toll Collect customer portal. Click on the “Vehicle and fleet transfer” tile on the home page and then create a transfer quotation. Enter the customer number of the transferring company and select the relevant trucks with an OBU. If the buyer accepts the transfer quotation, the trucks are assigned to their customer account. As soon as the vehicles are displayed in the account, the buyer can pay the toll charges for these trucks using the OBUs.

The function is also available for transfers between customer portal accounts within the same company, for example different subsidiaries.

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