Instructions Bosch DIN slot

7. Select toll collection

Try it out

  • Select the sub-menu with the OK key.
  • Select with the arrow keys < > .
  • Confirm using the OK key.

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Automatic toll collection with the OBU can be switched off for the German road network, if necessary. In Austria, toll collection by the on-board unit always remains active, provided the OBU is registered for the Austrian toll service.

When selecting the sub-menu “DE: MANUAL" and "DE: SWITCHED OFF”, “DE: TOLL COLLECTION SWITCHED OFF” with the red LED will automatically appear on the operating display.

In Germany, manual toll log-on is conducted via online log-on or the Toll Collect app.

Selection of the menu item “TOLL COLLECTION DE: SWITCHED OFF” will be saved in the OBU and displayed upon every restart. The preselection can be confirmed with the OK key as long as there is still no toll requirement. If the toll collection procedure has to be changed after restarting the OBU, another selection can be made in the “TOLL COLLECTION” menu.