Natural gas vehicles exempt from tolls until end of 2023

A fuel tank display in a natural gas vehicle

Natural gas vehicles should originally only have been exempt from the truck toll until the end of 2020. This exemption has now been extended until 31/12/2023.

Vehicles completely or primarily operated by natural gas are exempt from the truck toll. This includes trucks powered by CNG (compressed natural gas), NG (natural gas) or LNG (liquefied natural gas). However, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) drives are not exempt.

The natural gas tanks must have the following minimum capacities:

  • CNG: Minimum 300 litres or 50 kg;
  • LNG: Minimum 300 litres or 115 kg;
  • NG: Minimum 300 litres.

Registration with Toll Collect as a toll-exempt vehicle applies for maximum of two years and can then be extended. The toll exemption for natural gas vehicles will end on 31/12/2023.

Further information is available from the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG)

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