Tips for a smooth journey

A fault with the On-Board Unit or the DSRC module can lead to the Federal Logistics and Mobility Office (BALM) stopping you as part of its enforcement activity. Therefore please note the following information on the correct use of the OBU and its components.


For correct contact

  • Please do not deinstall or modify the On-Board Unit yourself. These activities may only be carried out by a Toll Collect-certified service partner.
  • Please do not connect any additional devices to the OBU. They could cause OBU faults or malfunctions.
  • Splitting the speedometer signal, which is used for the automatic toll log-on system, can lead to OBU faults or malfunctions.

Instruction graphic: The OBU must not be moved and no devices must be connected.

Always in the green

  • If the On-Board Unit is not functioning properly (red LED lights up), please log on manually online or with the app.
  • In the event of an OBU fault, please drive to the closest Toll Collect service partner.
  • If the "BLOCKED DE" error message appears, please only contact the Toll Collect customer service department.

OBU with illuminated red LED and with fault message in the display


  • A minimum distance of 300 mm must be maintained between the Toll Collect GPS (or combination) antenna and other GPS antennas (e.g. for navigation systems).
  • A minimum distance of 150 mm must be maintained between the Toll Collect GPS (or combination) antenna and other antennas (mobile network, radio, CB).
  • In each case, the distances are measured between the centres of the relevant antennas
  • All Toll Collect antennas are only intended for the On-Board Unit installed.

Measurements for the position of the OBU antenna on the roof of the truck driver's cab

DSRC module

A clear view

The space above the DSRC module must be kept clear, as well as 190 mm to the driver’s side and 70 mm to the passenger side:

  • Please do not place any stickers, pennants, flags or badges in this area.
  • No objects should be placed between the DSRC module and the windscreen.

Instruction graphic: Marking of the area of the truck windscreen where no things such as stickers, pennants, maps are allowed to be in front of or above the DSRC module.

Fault-free area

Electronic products can cause electromagnetic faults. As a general rule, all devices not required for operating the vehicle (especially voltage transformers and lighting elements) should be disconnected from the vehicle electrical system while driving in order to prevent possible malfunctions.

  • Please do not place mobile phone charging cables, notebooks, voltage converters or similar near the DSRC module.

Instruction graphic: Do not place devices such as mobile phones or laptops next to the DSRC module.

Correct installation

The DSRC module must always be left in the specified position on the windscreen:

  • the installation angle of the DSRC module should not be changed.
  • Please ensure the DSRC module's cables are intact and drive to a Toll Collect service partner if you there is any visible damage.

Instruction graphic: Position of the DSRC module in the windscreen: to the right of the steering wheel, down, upright, vertical, without kinked cable.