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Toll Collect Toll Collect

Service hotline

  • Calls from Germany:
  • 0800 222 26 28 *
  • Calls from outside Germany:
  • 00800 0 222 26 28 *

* free of charge, costs for calls from mobiles may vary

Tips for an interference-free journey

A fault of the OBU or the DSRC module can result in your vehicle being stopped at at the Federal Office of Goods Transport (BAG) checkpoint. To avoid this, please read and observe the following notes on correct use of the OBU.


Ensuring perfect contact

  • Do not remove the On-Board Unit from your vehicle or modify it in any way. These activities must be carried out only by Toll Collect-certified Service Partners.
  • Do not connect any additional devices to the OBU. These can cause faults or failure of the On-Board Unit.
  • Splitting the speedometer signal, used for the automatic toll system, can cause faults or failure of the On-Board Unit.

Keeping in the green zone

  • If the On-Board Unit is not functioning properly (red LED lights up), please log on manually online or with the app.
  • If the On-Board Unit develops a fault, seek out your nearest Toll Collect Service Partner.
  • If the error message: “BLOCKED DE” is displayed, contact Toll Collect Customer Service.


Uninterrupted reception

  • It is essential to maintain a minimum distance of 300 mm between the Toll Collect GPS (or combination) antenna and other GPS antennae (e.g. for navigation systems).
  • It is essential to maintain a minimum distance of 150 mm between the Toll Collect GPS (or combination) antenna and other antennae (mobile radio communications, radio, CB).
  • The distances are taken from centre to centre of the relevant antennae.
  • All Toll Collect antennae are intended for use exclusively with the On-Board Unit.

DSRC module

Free line of sight

The area above the DSRC module and 190 mm to the driver’s side and 70 mm to the co-driver’s side must be kept clear at all times:

  • Do not attach any stickers, badges, flags or pennants in this area.
  • Do not place any objects between the DSRC module and the windscreen.

Interference-free zone

Electronic products can cause electromagnetic interference. All equipment not required for the operation of the vehicle (especially voltage transformers and lighting elements) should be disconnected from the vehicle electrical system when the vehicle is on the road, to prevent any possible interference from these.

  • Do not place mobile-phone charging cables, laptops,voltage transformers, etc. near the DSRC module.

Proper installation

The DSRC module must always be kept in the specified installation position:

  • Do not change the installation angle of the DSRC module.
  • Ensure that the DSRC module cables are in perfect condition. If you detect any visible damage, visit a Toll Collect Service Partner.

Service Hotline

  • Calls from within Germany:
  • 0800 222 2628 *
  • Calls from outside Germany:
  • 008000 222 2628 *
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