Instructions for use for Cisco Webex Teams and Webex Meetings

General instructions

As a user, you generate this information:

  • Meeting and conversation recordings
  • Uploaded data

Information that you generate does not remain on the platform if you delete the information.

Deleted areas: The deletion period is 60 days.

Definitions and requirements


  • A moderator must always be specified when creating an area. The moderator must be a Toll Collect employee.
  • Before leaving the area, the moderator must check whether people are still assigned to the area. Either the moderation is given to another person in the area or the moderator removes all of the people, deletes the data and closes the area.

Chat contents

  • When distributing information via chat to one or more people, the following points should be considered:
    • Is this data relevant to everyone?
    • Is the data confidential?
    • Does the method of distribution via chat make sense; if necessary, would sending via e-mail be better for reasons of traceability?
    • Is the data still necessary after the meeting?
    • The chat does not replace documentation. It should be checked whether the exchanged data can be used for documentation or as a basis for meeting minutes.
    • It is recommended that the moderator decides whether the data should be deleted after the meeting.
  • The tool offers the possibility to exchange information via different media, established processes should not be replaced/circumvented because of this.


  • Video call
    • Please ensure that no confidential information is visible in the background, e.g. plans in the office. Alternatively, there is the option here to display background images.
  • Share screen
    • Only share relevant windows.
    • Only share information that the participants are really allowed to see, i.e. no confidential information that could be duplicated by a screenshot.
  • The facilitator or inviter must end the teleconference at the end of the meeting.

Additional information

Teams will highlight external chat participants separately. Toll Collect chat participants should note whether a conversation is internal to Toll Collect or with external parties.