Toll Collect preparing for extension of the truck toll


Toll Collect is currently preparing the technical and procedural implementation for the German government's planned expansion of the truck toll.

In future, a CO2 surcharge is to be levied on the truck toll and the mandatory toll limit is to be lowered from 7.5 to above 3.5 tonnes. Some adjustments are already visible: For example, the CO2 emission class is mentioned as a new tariff characteristic in the itemised journey list (EFN) for toll collection and is provisionally shown with the digit "0". This also affects the CSV file. The additional column for the CO2 emission class may make it necessary to adapt processing programmes.

You can find samples of the itemised journey list as PDF and CSV files as well as the explanation of the itemised journey here and in the Download Centre .

The extension of the truck toll requires an amendment to the Federal Highway Toll Act (BFStrMG). The relevant procedure is underway.

Itemised journey list template

Itemised journey list template CSV file

Explanation of itemised journey list

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