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Toll Collect building at Potsdamer Platz, Linkstraße 4, Berlin

Our service

Toll Collect is an efficient technology service provider for toll collection and enforcement. Since 1 January 2005, it has been operating one of the largest toll systems in the world. Our main task is collecting the truck tolls in Germany according to the legal regulations and transferring them to the German Treasury, where they are earmarked for road infrastructure use. Since 2005, around 74 billion euros have been sent to the German Treasury.

Through reliably collecting tolls, we are making an important contribution to the maintenance and development of road infrastructure. Tolls are collected based on distance, CO₂-emission class, Euro emission class and weight class, which helps to ease the burden on the environment. In this way, truck tolls also make an important contribution to meeting climate objectives.

Toll Collect has been a federal enterprise since 2018, with the Federal Republic of Germany as its sole shareholder. As an enterprise belonging to the German government, the company purpose of Toll Collect was expanded. On the basis of our core service and central competence in toll collection, we are expanding our scope of tasks and becoming a service platform for the German government in Infrastructure and Digital Services. For example, we handle the development and operation of our subsidiary, the Federal Mobile Communications Infrastructure Company [Mobilfunkinfrastrukturgesellschaft], and support the Federal Logistics and Mobility Office (BALM) in the area of roadside enforcement service.

Toll Collect has set up the technical platform for a central toll collection service for Germany on behalf of the BALM. With the introduction of the European Electronic Toll Services (EETS) in Germany, EETS providers can also process truck toll in Germany for their customers. The BALM provides the EETS providers with the central toll collection service to ensure uniform toll collection. The service completely handles the detection and tariffing of route sections subject to toll.

BALM information on EETS and on the toll collection service


Toll Collect GmbH has its headquarters in the centre of Berlin, right on Potsdamer Platz. Here, on Linkstraße, the management and all corporate divisions are located.

Other locations:
Field service staff are employed in Hannover-Langenhagen, Nuremberg, Pforzheim and Potsdam. The OBU software is developed in Paderborn.


Toll Collect currently employs around 650 people.

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