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Where can I find an overview of my journeys that have not yet been invoiced?

As a registered Toll Collect customer with active portal access, you can see your journeys since the most recent toll invoicing via the Toll Collect customer portal.

This allows you to keep an eye on your costs until the next toll invoicing. Similar to the itemised journey list, each partial journey is listed individually for each vehicle. You can retrieve the journeys according to date or vehicle, for example. Additionally there are different filter functions with which you can organise the information as you need, download it in csv format and save it.

How high are the toll fees?

The toll amount is based on the truck's emission category and number of axles, as well as on the length of the toll route. Further information is available here.

Is the toll subject to Value Added Tax?

The toll is a public-sector levy and is therefore not subject to Value Added Tax. (However, if a transport company invoices his customers for the cost of the toll, the amount invoiced is subject to Value Added Tax.)

Where and how can I pay?

As a registered customer and participant in the automatic system, you may pay via credit card, fuel card, credit account, Toll Collect direct debit prepaid service or LogPay plan. Further information can be found on the Payments page.

Does Toll Collect send me a bill?

The 'toll statement for registered customers' will be issued once per month and, if requested, will contain an itemised journey list.

Why is Toll Collect's invoice called a toll statement?Close

This is a matter of legal precision: The toll is a charge levied on you by the Federal Republic of Germany for the use of German motorways. The task of Toll Collect is simply to calculate the amount you have to pay, to collect your payment and to pass it on to the German government. Toll Collect therefore informs you of the accrued and payable toll charges, but does not issue actual "invoices" or "payment demands" in the legal sense.

I have noticed some minor discrepancies when checking my toll statement. How have they come about?

The toll is calculated on a segment by segment basis, rounded up or down to two decimal places. The amounts for the individual route segments are subsequently totalled. If the totals are seen in isolation, the rounded figures may be slightly different from the arithmetically accurate toll rates per kilometre.

The parameters used in collecting the toll are currently the number of axles and the emissions class, together with the number of standardised route segments driven. The route segments are taken from the German government’s toll-rate and route model. The lengths of the individual segments have been defined by the German Federal Highways Agency (BASt), and can be inspected online at

Any discrepancies occurring on the toll statement can be attributed to the process of rounding the toll charges per segment to two decimal places for accounting purposes. The differences resulting from rounding will cancel each other out on long journeys – i.e. those which include a large number of individual route segments.

To illustrate this effect, we show two examples here. The first part shows an extract from the itemised journey list, while the second illustrates how the toll amount shown on your toll statement is calculated.

Where a transport company has a large fleet, can a combined invoice be issued for all vehicles, or will individual invoices be generated ?

One invoice will be issued per registered customer. The toll statement will be broken down to indicate the amounts due for each vehicle.

The kilometre reading on the tachometer does not exactly match the route information on the itemised journey list. What's the reason for this?

The kilometre figures can differ from the readings on the truck tachometers, because toll accounting is based on standardised route segments and not on the actual driven kilometres. The individual route segments have been surveyed and determined by the German government. You can view the relevant data at

Where do I turn with questions about my bill?

If you believe there has been an error in billing or if you have questions, please contact Toll Collect in writing. If possible, please enclose any useful evidence.

Toll Collect GmbH
Customer Service
Postfach 11 03 29
10833 Berlin

What are Toll Collect’s bank details for topping up my credit account?

You can top up your credit by making payments into the following account:

Recipient: Toll Collect GmbH
Bank: Helaba (may appear differently in online banking)
IBAN: DE88 3005 0000 0001 6401 19
Reference: Your user number, e.g. 1234567

The address of the bank for foreign transfers is:

Uerdinger Straße 88
40474 Düsseldorf

How much do I have to top up?

When topping up your credit account, you should think about the following three things:

  • Number and type of vehicles subject to toll
  • Distance expected to be driven on roads subject to toll
  • Time until your next top-up
Your monthly toll statement will also give you an indication of how much you should top up.

What happens when my credit has been used up?

If your credit has been used up, an exceptional statement will be issued and your On-Board Unit will be locked. You will then only be able to top up by manually logging on to a toll station terminal. If this happens, please top up your credit account as soon as possible.

The OBU will only be unlocked once your credit account has been topped up with enough money. If your OBU is locked through your own fault, you will be charged for the costs of unlocking it according to the current schedule of prices.

Who takes the bank charges resulting from national and international payment transactions in case of transfers on a client’s credit account?

The depositor takes all bank charges resulting from national and international payment transactions. Therefore, only the actual amount paid will be credited to the toll customer.

How does Toll Collect calculate the truck toll?

Using the toll table published by the Federal Office for Public Roadways as a basis, the toll is calculated for each route segment. This method is technically precise and commercially transparent. The price is calculated to the third decimal place and the amount is then mathematically rounded. Decimal figures ending in a number less than 5 are rounded down; figures ending in the number 5 or higher are rounded up. Afterwards, the individual segment prices are added to determine the total route price. The purpose of this process is to ensure that each toll customer pays the same price per route section, regardless of the total length of the route travelled.

Has the toll calculation process been agreed with the state contracting entity?

Yes, Toll Collect is a service provider for the Federal Republic of Germany and the process for toll calculation on the basis of predefined route segments , as well as commercial rounding, is agreed with the contracting entity.

I want to change my current payment method. What should I do?

You can change your payment method quickly and easily in our customer portal.

If you would prefer to send us a form, please proceed as follows:

If you want to switch your payment method to the direct debit prepaid service, please request the documents for this payment method using our contact form.

In all other cases, please fill out the form for the required payment method and send a signed copy back to us.

Payment method with payment guarantee, e.g. credit card (Guide to form completion)

Fuel card (Guide to form completion)

Settlement by credit account (Guide to form completion)

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