Toll collection supplies traffic data

Anonymised toll system data provides valuable information for statistics and traffic management.

Aerial view of motorway with heavy traffic

Knowledge about truck traffic

The data generated by the toll system provides detailed knowledge of truck traffic in anonymised form for vehicles and vehicle combinations of a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 tonnes or more on German federal trunk roads. As part of toll collection, anonymised data is gathered that can also be used for statistical and traffic management purposes according to the most recent new regulation contained in the German Federal Trunk Road Toll Act (BFStrMG).

Animation shows route utilisation

It can be seen that approximately 80 percent of traffic subject to toll travels on approximately 20 percent of the road network. The animation shows, using one week as an example, the distribution of travelling frequency on the road network over days and weeks as well as other statistical information. Driving behaviour on the route network subject to toll, as well as incoming and outgoing crossings of the German borders, can be assessed just as accurately as travel on individual route sections or regional features. When traffic flows are represented, the high levels of traffic on the major East-West connections can be particularly clearly seen.

Requirement: up-to-date route information

The motorway and federal trunk road network is not a rigid construct. It is constantly changing, so in order to collect tolls correctly, the route information must be constantly maintained and updated. The up-to-date map data, geographical information and local conditions of the road network required for this must be incorporated into the data on an ongoing basis.