Manual log-on via Internet

Truck toll with a few mouse clicks: manual log-on via Internet

Who can use it?

Logging on via Internet is a practical solution if you transact a lot of business online or do not wish to have an On-Board Unit installed in your vehicles. To use this method, your company must be registered with Toll Collect and Internet log-on must be enabled.


Once you have received your access data from us, simply go to the Toll Collect website home page ( and select “Book a route”. Or click here:

Internet log-on


The system can be used in German, English, French or Polish. The process is similar to logging on at a toll station terminal. Here is a brief summary: After logging in with your Internet log-in and password, enter the start date of the intended journey, with the start and destination points. The system then calculates the shortest route in the toll-road network. You can confirm this route or amend it by entering up to four waypoints. A particularly convenient feature is that you can save frequently travelled routes as standard routes and call them up when needed. Once you have booked the route, you are issued a log-on number, which the truck driver must keep to hand during the journey. This simplifies inspection at enforcement checks and is also required if you wish to make a partial cancellation at a toll station terminal.
You can log on up to three days in advance, selecting your journey start time and therefore the start of validity of the log-on receipt. The system automatically calculates the time by which the journey must be completed. The time window includes a buffer to allow for short rest stops, traffic jams and other interruptions.

Try it out

Try out the online log-on. Use our tutorial, it's simple and non-binding.

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