Sustainable development

This is important to us

With 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the United Nations is striving for a sustainable transformation of the world. The SDGs are about poverty reduction, education, gender equality, clean water, climate protection and much more. The 2030 Agenda calls on all countries, governments, businesses, civil society and individuals to work together to implement the SDGs in order to create a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable world for all people.

In its sustainability strategy, Germany has pledged to implement the 17 global sustainability goals. As a federal company, Toll Collect is aligned with the sustainability strategy for Germany.

Sustainability strategy for Germany

Our contribution

Toll Collect has set itself the goal of being climate-neutral by 2028. As a basis for achieving our target, we measure the climate-relevant CO₂ emissions of our business activities. We continuously reduce our CO₂ emissions and avoid them wherever possible.


Gross CO₂ emissions: compared to 2019
-41 %
Electricity consumption: Share of green electricity since 2021
100 %
Paper consumption: compared to the previous year
-15.6 %

Toll Collect makes a direct contribution to 10 of the 17 SDGs.

Toll Collect is one of the 200 largest employers in Berlin and, as a federal company, offers attractive jobs with long-term prospects in the technology and services sector. More than half of the approximately 650 employees have been with the company for over ten years.

Toll Collect pays fair salaries. In addition to the usual market salary levels, there are additional benefits such as a job ticket, leased bicycle and meal allowances.

Toll Collect supports the health and well-being of its employees with many offers, such as medical checks, cycling tours, running events and table football tournaments. Toll Collect is certified as a "bicycle-friendly employer" in the silver category.

Toll Collect employees at the company's headquarters at Potsdamer Platz receive a supplement from the company for lunch in many restaurants.

All employees have the opportunity to consult the company doctor.

Certificate "Bicycle-friendly employer" (PDF, 113 KB)

Toll Collect offers a wide range of training programmes for professional and personal development.

The company offers jobs for students. Employees have the opportunity to write their Bachelor's or Master's thesis in collaboration with Toll Collect.

At Toll Collect, people work together bringing their individual backgrounds, identities, experiences and perspectives to the team. We are convinced that diverse teams are more creative, more innovative and contribute to the future viability of the company. Diversity is therefore - alongside reliability and sustainability - one of the core values in our vision.

Gender-independent criteria for job and function evaluation, remuneration and remuneration development are laid down in a company agreement. The determination of the job value is carried out in a gender-neutral manner using an analytical evaluation procedure.

Toll Collect supplies all enforcement pillars, gantries and offices with 100 per cent renewable energy from Swedish hydroelectric power plants.

Green electricity (PDF, 290 KB)

Toll Collect offers around 650 employees attractive jobs with long-term prospects in the technology and services sector. In 2022, the office equipment was improved as part of the "new office worlds" project. Height-adjustable desks and video conferencing systems have since become standard office equipment.

Toll Collect invests tens of millions of euros annually in the further development of the toll system and in new business areas. Since December 2023 for example, Toll Collect has been the contract manager for the Deutschlandnetz, a nationwide fast-charging network for cars.

We have been working on climate and environmental protection since 2005. In the same year, we carried out the first audit of our environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 and the first certification in accordance with the EMAS standard (Eco Management and Audit Scheme) and have confirmed this every year since. In this context, Toll Collect publishes an environmental statement every year.

Toll Collect is aiming for climate neutrality by 2028. We are on the right track. We have significantly reduced the company's pollutant emissions in recent years.

We offset some of the unavoidable CO₂ emissions. We have opted for the "Gold Standard" for greenhouse gas reduction projects developed by the WWF and other environmental organisations. The world's strictest certification standard ensures that the projects make sense in terms of both climate and development policy. Toll Collect supports a project for energy-efficient ovens in Rwanda by offsetting CO₂ emissions from business trips.

With a compliance management system, the company supports employees in avoiding compliance risks, preventing violations, recognising violations that have occurred and deriving measures from them.

A central component of the Toll Collect Compliance Management System is the provision of a reporting centre for whistleblowers, through which information on possible misconduct can be reported. In addition to the internal reporting office, Toll Collect also has an external legal ombudsperson. Reports can also be made anonymously.