Compliance with laws, rules of conduct and in-house guidelines is an integral part of the basic principles of good corporate governance at Toll Collect.

Toll Collect regards compliance as the legal validity of the company's activities. This includes following in-house rules of conduct and maintaining a sense of commitment to the company's values. Consistently meeting the requirements in all professional activities is a top priority for all Toll Collect staff. Compliance is not a mandatory duty; it is a key element of our corporate culture.

To ensure that our compliance management programme meets Toll Collect expectations, it is regularly checked by external auditors in accordance with IDW PS 980 standards.

If you have questions or information about possible misconduct, please get in touch with our Compliance Officer.


Stefan Stadler
Toll Collect GmbH
Tel. +49 30 74077-1130
Fax +49 30 74077-1112

You can also contact our ombudsman confidentially. Your identity will remain anonymous and will not be passed on to Toll Collect GmbH.

Dr. iur. Niklas Auffermann (Lawyer)
FS-PP Partnerschaft mbB
Potsdamer Platz 8
10177 Berlin
Tel.: + 49 30 31 86 85 913

Your contact

Compliance officer
Stefan Stadler
Phone: +49 30 74077-1130
Fax: +49 30 74077-1112

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