Toll reform is coming - new rates published


The change to the German Federal Trunk Road Toll Act (BFStrMG) has been approved by the German parliament and Federal Council today. This confirms that the CO₂ toll will commence on 1 December 2023. The Technically Permissible Maximum Laden Mass (TPMLM) will also become the basis for assignment to the weight class. The toll requirement for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes will follow from 1 July 2024.

The third law to amend toll regulations was passed without any changes to the version that the federal cabinet had approved in the summer.

In future, the toll will include a partial rate for traffic-related CO₂ emissions, in addition to the partial rates already in force for infrastructure, noise and air pollution costs. We have published the resulting new tariffs on our website today.

In accordance with EU requirements, vehicles will be classified into emission classes in the future. Zero-emission trucks are exempt from tolls until 31 December 2025. From then on, they will pay a 75 per cent reduced partial toll rate for infrastructure and noise and air pollution costs.

We recommend that all customers prepare for the toll extension in good time. Check the CO₂ emission class and the technically permissible maximum laden mass of your vehicles in our customer portal now.

Trucks equipped at the factory with CNG/LNG drive systems in Euro emission class 6 will become subject to tolls from 1 January 2024.

From 1 July 2024, all vehicles with a technically permissible maximum laden mass of more than 3.5 tonnes must pay tolls for the use of federal trunk roads (both solo vehicles and vehicle combinations). There are exceptions for vehicles belonging to tradespeople.

Overview of the new rates

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