OBU: updating the operating data


If a truck has been decommissioned for an extended period or has been travelling outside of Germany, this message could appear on the OBU display: "OPERATING DATA INVALID". The LED will also light up red. Here are some tips on how to proceed if this happens.

The message means that the On-Board Unit's operating data (route and rate data) are no longer valid. The OBU must download the current data wirelessly. This only works in Germany.

  • If this occurs, do not turn off the ignition!
  • Do not drive on the route subject to toll yet
  • Re-start your vehicle after around 10 minutes. Normally the OBU will have then loaded the new data and the LED is green.
  • If the message continues to be shown, book the route via the app or online. Set the OBU to "TOLL COLLECTION MANUAL".
  • Try again after at least four hours: re-start your vehicle, leave the ignition on and start it once again after around ten minutes.

If the OBU continues to display a red LED and the "OPERATING DATA INVALID" message, please contact one of our service partners.

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