Bosch windshield instructions

Control elements

  • Use the “C” button to delete your last entry.

  • Confirmation of menu entries and messages.

  • Use these arrow buttons to scroll forwards and backwards in the menu.

  • Use these keys to select further settings within individual menu items.

  • The OBU is ready for operation; all requirements for automatic toll collection are met.

  • The OBU is not ready for operation; the OBU is not activated for automatic toll collection. A message will appear on the display.

    Flashing red

    Visual indication of faults that have not yet been acknowledged with OK, accompanied by acoustic error tones.

  • The display shows the operating display of the OBU. The declared number of axles, toll service used, current weight, battery charge status and accuracy of the GPS position are displayed.

  • In the event of faults and error messages.

5 AXLES DE 12..18t