For new customers

You want to become a Toll Collect customer?
Registration takes place in two steps:

  1. Confirm e-mail address
  2. Complete the account and contract data

For existing customers

Have you already registered with Toll Collect and also want to use the customer portal?
Registration takes place in two steps:

  1. Order activation codes:
    Contact form
    By telephone:
    0800 222 26 28* (Germany)
    008000 222 26 28* (abroad)
  2. Activate your web account once the 2 activation codes have been received. Activate the web account and enter the activation codes.

Service Hotline

  • Calls from within Germany:
  • 0800 222 26 28*
  • Calls from outside Germany:
  • 00800 0 222 26 28*


Questions? Check our comprehensive list of questions and answers

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